Do AirPods Have A Mic? [Ultimate Guide]

Apple’s AirPods have become the go-to earbuds around the globe, and for good reasons. Its sound quality is amazing, and you can access it across devices in the Apple ecosystem, along with many other attractive features.

Do AirPods Have A Mic?

While buying AirPods the first question that popped my head was, “is there a mic on AirPods?”

and I am sure you had it too.

Yes, Apple AirPods have a mic. Each AirPod has two microphones, one at the end of the stem and another inside the machinery. Bot the mics have their work and are extremely important for the best quality that AirPods gives us. Apple AirPods microphone is quite good and you can expect high-quality audio from them.

The inner microphone ensures that we get the best noise-cancellation experience and that our voice reaches the other end.

Both the microphones ensure that we have the smoothest of calls or whatever we do. The mic at the end of the AirPod acts as a speaker and microphone when we are just using one AirPod. 

AirPods max has nine microphones in total, Eight microphones for Active Noise Cancellation. Three microphones for voice pickup (two shared with Active Noise Cancellation and one additional microphone).

Wondering if the AirPods Max have a mic?

Well, the answer is yes! AirPods Max has six mics in total, three in each cup.

Do AirPods have speakers?

AirPods have speakers, and each AirPod has its speaker, the vent on the ear area. It’s the hole from where you hear the sound. If you are facing an issue with the sound quality, you must clean the vent. 

Airpods pro is more advanced and tech-friendly. Their case also has an in-built speaker to easily locate it if we lost it. The case will make a loud chime sound when we put our AirPods on the ‘find my option. 

Is the AirPods mic good?

Yes, it’s simply amazing! When you use AirPods, they are made to provide you with a completely hands-free experience. Having said that, no one on the call will ever complain about your voice being muddled or less audible if you ask them about the sound quality they are hearing from your end.

They are that good. Additionally, the fact that AirPods always activate Siri when you ask for it shows that the microphone can pick up your voice very clearly.

Can AirPods be used as a mic?

Airpods have fantastic microphones that provide you with the most worthy experience. Whether in calls, listening to music, or talking to Siri, Airpods mic never fails us! Both microphones are built so perfectly that they give their users the best time.

No one would complain about the sound quality or noise cancellation while using Airpods. The latest models are more advanced and offer amazing features that attract customers.

Where Is The Mic On The AirPods?

You might be interested in knowing how the microphone on your AirPods functions and where it is. You might be surprised to discover that each pair of Apple AirPods features not just one but two built-in microphones.

While one of the microphones can be found near the base of each AirPod stem, the second microphone is much simpler to find. The second microphone on an AirPod may be seen as a small black hole at the top of the stem.

In contrast, the primary microphone, which picks up your voice, is at the bottom. In other words, the speech-recognizing accelerometer built into the stem handles any phone calls or voice instructions you make to Siri. It does this by listening to your voice through the microphone at the bottom of the stem. So, why is there a second microphone, and what does it serve?

The second microphone on the AirPods essentially functions as a beam-forming microphone with the sole objective of obstructing any outside sounds or speech and keeping them from reaching your ears.

With the secondary microphone, you may listen to your favorite music albums while being less distracted by background noise.

Additionally, the other party will hear the voice picked up by the primary microphone while you are on a phone or video call. As a result, it also greatly enhances call quality.

How to clean the AirPods Microphones?

Even though AirPods are compact and convenient, their white color scheme makes them susceptible to smudges. A small amount of dirt can easily get inside the microphone because it is just a tiny hole at the top of the stem. To maintain your AirPods as new as possible, it is advised that you clean them after each usage.

Apple advises using a dry cotton swab to maintain the mics’ cleanliness. Additionally, remember that none of the AirPods models is waterproof, making it crucial that you avoid cleaning them with a wet cloth.

In addition, you need to maintain the case clean since, if you’re not cautious, tiny particles of dust and dirt can collect inside the stem hole and eventually block the primary microphone of your AirPods. The most effective way to clean the case is using any dry microfiber sponge.


Do Airpods Have a Mic For Pc?

Your AirPods can effectively work for a PC, but you won’t be surprised if you will face some connectivity issues with non-apple products.

To activate it do the following steps:

Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound> Playback>Select the AirPods>Recording>Selet your USB mic.

Do AirPods Have a Good Mic?

Yes, Apple AirPods are great in quality, and they have a good mic. Although it also differs from model to model. AirPod second generation has decent mic quality but AirPods pro has amazing mic quality. 

Do AirPods Have A Mic For Gaming?

AirPods are not specifically made for gaming but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be used for gaming. AirPods can be used for gaming and they will provide an amazing experience just like other gaming earphones or headphones.

Do AirPods Pro Have A Mic?

Yes, Airpods pro has a mic, and not only one they also have two mics on each Airpod. One is located at the end of the stem and the other is in an in-built microphone. 

Do AirPods Have Active Noise Cancellation?

Airpods pro and Airpods max give you three noise-cancellation modes to choose from. Depending upon your need and your surroundings you may decide which mode you need: Active noise cancellation mode, Transparency mode, or OFF mode.

Do AirPods Have Noise Canceling Microphone?

The latest models- Airpods pro and Airpods max have amazing noise cancellation quality. Their microphones also have noise canceling ability to provide the best and most enriching experience to their users.


If you are one of those who own AirPods, you might wonder, ‘where is the mic on AirPods’ this linked article will answer all your queries. 

Apple has always been praised for its amazing quality and its products’ unique features. Airpods is also one such amazing product of Apple with appreciative features and sound quality.

Users have loved the Active noise cancellation modes on AirPods Pro and Airpods max, and that has also resulted in better sales. Hence AirPods is a wise choice for anyone who wants the best quality earphones.

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