Best Microphones for Speech Recognition

A number of people are struggling in order to find a satisfactory voice recognition microphone that saves their energy and time. Who wants to keep repeating the same sentences again and again?

People wonder why their microphones are not able to pick up distilled audio and help their Voice-To-Text engine to work properly. Probably, the problem lies with the quality of microphone that you are using.

In order to save time, effort and energy we would need a microphone that is good at picking up refined audio quality, has a good output and comes from a reliable brand.

We have selected a few new microphones, including an expensive wireless headset and an expensive microphone, that we have here in the list. You can go through their features and specs to decide whether or not to purchase them. At least, we expect you to form an idea about the quality of the new microphone that you want to make your life easy.

Best Microphones for Speech Recognition

Nuance PowerMic III Microphone: The Best Mic for Speech Recognition

Nuance PowerMic III Microphone for Dragon
Nuance PowerMic III Microphone
  • Dimensions:   7.48 x 6.5 x 1.77 inches
  • Weight:           5 ounces

For those who need an option to capture their voice on a PC or computer here we have this Nuance PowerMic III Microphone.

Let’s first talk about the build quality.

Out of the box, I must say, it’s really impressive and creates a flaunting look for the user.

The best part of having this mic is the Unidirectional voice capture that comes with noise cancellation as well.

The grip is very nice and the mic feels light and easy to hold on with hands. This is much needed as during recording audio, you would be needing to dictate a lot while your software records your speech.

So, if you are a doctor, lawyer or an author, this is the Best Microphone for Speech Recognition you can buy.

Moving ahead to the features of the microphone, you get crystal clear voice quality that works well for speech recognition because it is free from unnecessary ambient sound, background disturbance and deviations.

The Nuance microphone is tailored especially To work with Dragon speaking, Online courses, Skype chat, call center, conference calls, webinar presentations and others.

Its USB can be used to connect this headset to PC as well as Mac.

Like other options in the list, here also you get a noise cancellation sound along with effortless settings of volume and mute.

The ear pads are capable of sealing the background noise from reaching your ears as they fit closest to the ears. The padding is made of Foam and Leather which Comforts The wearing experience.

What makes it unique?
This is a multi purpose microphone that can be paired up with a PC and is easy to hold compared to the headset mics. This makes it a different choice among various headset microphones for speech recognition.

Also, this microphone has been specially designed by Nuance for dictation and use with Skype and other applications that affirm its compatibility for speech recognition. The voice quality is clear and loud while it comes with a comfortable and safe fit.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • Clear audio quality
  • Flexible boom arm
  • Unidirectional noise-canceling microphone
  • Comfortable wear
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Multiple connectivity choices

Shure WH20: Best Headset for Speech Recognition on Windows 10

  • Weight:          5.4 ounces
  • Dimensions:   7.7 x 6.4 x 3.2 inches

The long-lived Passion of Shure to construct a powerful set of microphones has always tried to push the envelope and innovate user-friendly microphones time and again. Here, we are discussing Shure WH20 in detail.

First of all we cannot stop ourselves from admiring such a lightweight, compact and fashionable construction of the microphone.

You have a very comfortable elastic headband which gives rise to a hinge from where the Boom Arm arises and it ends with a microphone cartridge.

The microphone can be easily placed to the left or right of the mouth of the user and it is important to know that you cannot place it directly underneath your mouth. The wire-frame of the microphone can be adjusted according to the positioning requirements of the user.

Though the microphone has been constructed in a very compact manner, the manufacturers have taken extreme care of its strength and durability.

Shure WH20 is Supplied with a foam windscreen and a clothing clip to make the process even more comfortable.

You don’t even need to panic regarding the storage of the microphone because it has a Collapsible microphone boom that allows a simple and safe storage.

It’s Natural Frequency Response manages ups and downs in the voice quality and produces an even and flicker free sound for speech recognition.

I love the fact that it’s so receptive to any computer actions that you do. You want to open discord?

You will have your mic ready to recognize your speech as soon as the app opens.

A supremely clear audio quality of the microphone leaves no reason for complaints by the users.

What makes it unique?

The entire construction and design of this microphone is very unique; it comes with an elastic headband and a Boom Arm.

Even if you are thinking of traveling with this microphone you need not be concerned about its storage because almost every part of this microphone is adjustable and allows simple storage.

Plus, there’s a reason why I say it as the best.

The mic tends to make dictation more accurate and you can do speech recognition in a much more efficient manner.

The audio quality is so balanced and perfect for any speech recognition software. In fact I tried Skype, Discord and Dragon Naturally Speaking and I had no complaints whatsoever.

A comfortable positioning of Mic makes it even more countable and deserving to top the list.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • Refined audio pickup
  • flexible boom arm elastic
  • headband travel friendly
  • easy to store
  • strong construction
  • natural frequency balance

Philips SpeechMike: Best Wireless Microphone for Dictation

The SpeechMike Premium Air with slide switch has a special mode that adapts itself to the Dragon individually (the key combination for switching can be found in the manual).

In this mode, the Dragon microphone will only switch on individually when the slide switch is set to record.

In stop mode, the microphone is completely switched off, so that no background noise leads to recognition of unspoken words. With the rewinding setting, the cursor moves backwards word by word.

With the Play setting, the cursor moves forward word by word and the dictated text is repeated word by word.

I also love the studio grade quality of this microphone.

The quality of the microphone is certainly at the best I’ve tested so far when it comes to wireless mics for dictation. The wireless version offers a lot of freedom of movement when dictating.

In my view, the only relevant con is the very high price, even if you take into account the really good quality.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • Built-in tripple layer noise reduction filter for clearest recordings
  • Auto mute when put on table
  • wireless transmission of recordings
  • Comparable high speech recognition performance to a standard wired mic

Sennheiser SC 75 USB MS: best desktop microphone for speech recognition

  • Dimensions:   5.71 x 7.09 x 2.17 inches
  • Weight:           4.6 ounces

With a powerful noise cancellation this microphone gallantly walks into our list including a headphone set.

The clarity of this mic is going to impress in the first go itself. The compatibility of the device is broadly designed to help you use the mic with various other devices.

The Neodymium speakers excel the powerful sound of the mic to provide an immersive experience to the users.

What makes it supremely compatible for speech recognition is that the mic is intentionally designed for Skype. You get a protective carrying case that allows you to secure this microphone in it.

While leather ear protectors ensure breathable use, the foam ear protector makes it a comfortable experience for you.

Further, there is a Sennheiser Activegard® to protect your ears from acoustic injuries.

Eventually, the microphone has been reputed for picking up a fine and distilled HD audio quality which does not deviate.

I would say it is perfect for people on a tight budget that are using a laptop or computer for speech recognition.

Coming to its comfortable construction, the Bendable Boom Arm does help you keep the mic in a secured position. As a bonus, you get 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

What makes it unique?

Firstly, I love the fact that Sennheiser SC 75 USB MS is completely plug and play for laptops and computers. So, you don’t really need anything extra other than your mic

A special noise cancelling technique helps this microphone cancel the off axis noise and record only main audio from a source.

The recorded voice is free from chaos and background hiss noise. Neodymium speakers further win the race and set a trend for excellence in powerful sound quality.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • Clear audio
  • Compact packing
  • User Friendly
  • Neodymium speakers
  • Noise cancelling technique
  • Bendable Boom Arm

SoundTech GN USB 2

SoundTech GN USB 2
SoundTech GN USB 2
  • Weight:           2.83 pounds
  • Dimensions:   16 x 3 x 10 inches

If you are not a big headset- type microphone fan you must look at the SoundTech GN USB 2 microphone.

The superiorly distilled audio quality is going to astonish you with the first use itself. What is best about this microphone is a permanently polarized hypercardioid polar pattern.

Now you know the reason behind the crisp and clear audio of the microphone. Sound Tech microphone comes with a Gooseneck that is flexible to use and allows hands free usage.

The microphone works well for speech recognition, PC recording software, and internet chats. There is a specially designed LED to indicate power on and off of the microphone.

You get noise cancellation technique to block the background sound to disturb the main audio, while the rest of the clarity is obtained from the hypercardioid condenser capsule.

Since this microphone is a plug and play device there are minimum chances of you facing any difficulty in connection and use.

With a solid base construction there is a minimum chance of the microphone swinging a little from its place.

What makes it unique?

When we are talking about the uniqueness of this product, it has to be the 16 inches Gooseneck that helps you place and set up the microphone providing a hands-free usage. As a result, you can position it comfortably the way you want and you are good to go with your work. 

This microphone is a great value for your money, offering clear sound with its metal gooseneck design that picks up sound from 360-degrees. It is sturdy yet lightweight, making it easy to move around if needed. Additionally, it is equipped with intelligent noise-canceling technology, which reduces background noise and echoes. 

The microphone comes with a wired connection, featuring an 8 ft cable for convenient use. The trackball in the center of the microphone allows it to move around the mouse cursor.

Another thing which is very appreciable about this microphone is the hypercardioid condenser capsule that ensures crisp and clear audio quality which is certainly not going to distort or have a faded effect anywhere.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • Hyper Cardioid Condenser Capsule
  • Crisp And Clear Audio Flexible
  • Gooseneck Comfortable
  • User-friendly Settings
  • Handsfree Uses
  • LED Indicators

Klim Talk

The previous two options are likely to make you think that you cannot afford a speech recognition microphone if you are tight on your budget. But this champ is going to prove the perception absolutely wrong.

Klim Talk is a very affordable and value for the money product. Revealing the first thing first, the microphone comes with an integrated pop filter to separate your voice from the background noise and record only the main sound. The high-quality microphone element ensures that your voice is captured clearly without any interference from background noises. The High Definition sound quality hardly leaves a gap for you to complain.

What makes it fit for speech recognition is its suitability for applications such as Skype, Zoom and Discord. The plug and play device needs no software to install and connect. You simply need to plug it and it is ready for immediate use.

But among all these features what grabbed our attention the most is the 5 years of warranty that shows extreme trust of the brand in its product.

Why shouldn’t they be so confident?

After all the microphone comes with a wonderful construction of heavy duty plastic and metal which is made to last long. The beautiful design of this microphone makes it a flaunting piece that can enhance the look of your dress.

What makes it unique?

Starting from the look of the microphone to an extremely durable construction and 5 years of warranty, all these features contribute in making this a unique microphone for speech recognition.

The premium designed microphone is going to last longer than the users expect as the brand claims of 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. High definition audio quality ensures great output and performance of the microphone.

As a side note, I must mention that many developers use Python for speech recognition. I tried using it for a similar purpose and it worked just fine. So, I can say it is one of the best speech recognition microphones for python as well.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • High definition sound quality
  • 5 years warranty
  • wonderful construction
  • durable and long lasting use of material
  • plug and play device
  • use of inbuilt audio filter

Andrea C1-1022600: Best Dictation Microphone for Mac

  • Dimensions:   7.25 x 2.25 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight:           5.6 ounces

Andrea C1-1022600 makes budget recording a possible game for you. With an affordable price, you have less to complain and more to enjoy.

You certainly do not require more than this nice set of microphone to get the job done. Under a price range of $50 this comes as a fair deal for the purchasers.

You get 40 mm speakers along with CD quality bass and an on board controls that allow you to control volume mute and other settings via an inline process. Andrea noise cancellation microphone technology blocks the background noise from disturbing the voice quality for better voice recognition.

The reversible microphone could be placed either right or left to your ears and you can simply fold it and store it safely without having to worry about external damages.

I love it because it can be used on Mac or Windows PC / computers without having to install drivers or any other software.

The stereo sound quality keeps you properly satisfied with the output. The headband of the microphone is constructed using stainless steel which is strong and stiff.

What makes it unique?

This microphone has a unique design in terms of affordable and durable construction using stainless steel and a reversible microphone that can be placed either left or right to the ears of the user. You get a stereo sound quality under a genuine budget.

However, the Extra-long 8-foot cable could be of great help for you to connect this microphone to various devices flexibly.

Overall, it is a very good wired microphone to be used with speech and dictation software applications.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • Fine audio quality
  • Foldable design
  • User Friendly inline settings
  • CD bass speakers
  • Noise cancelling technique
  • Reversible mic

Fifine K669B

 Fifine K669B
Fifine K669B
  • Weight:           14.1 ounces
  • Dimensions:   4.88 x 2.6 x 7.28 inches

You don’t need to put a lot of brain in order to understand the functioning of a Fifine K669B microphone.

The simplicity of this microphone begins with its plug and play technique that allows an easy connection and instant use after connecting it to laptops or computers. The is a stable tripod stand that keeps the mic in place and helps you record comfortably.

The overall construction of this microphone is very durable and solid in design. Hence gaming, skype-ing or voice recording can be a real fun with this microphone.

What counts really important in all its features is the cardioid condenser polar pattern that picks up and even clear and under weighted sound. With this you would be clearly able to distinguish the main sound from the background which is hardly recorded.

Recording a voice from with an additional volume delivers a powerful and loud output that is clearly audible to the ears and works best for speech recognition.

What makes it unique?

The strong metallic construction, a wonderful cardioid condenser and a stable tripod stand make this microphone a good match for speech recognition. Most importantly, a loud and clear output of the sound makes this a fit for the use.

It is a very simple plug and play device that requires no complicated proceedings and the job gets done in a smooth and efficient manner.

Last but not the least the microphone has the price range of less than $50 which makes it an affordable pick for the users.

Key Benefits for the user:

  • Hassle-free connectivity
  • plug and play device
  • stable tripod stand
  • strong metallic construction
  • cardioid sound pickup pattern
  • loud and clear output.

That’s all for this list.

If you are a writer, author, lawyer, doctor or any person takes notes and wants to take their dictation game to the next level, you should definitely get one of my recommended products.

What other features you can look for in a Mic for Speech Recognition

  • Nothing but a crystal clear audio quality is the most important feature that is required in order to make a microphone suitable for speech recognition. You can look for integrated audio filters HD quality audios and cardioid condenser capsules to ensure high quality audio.
  • It is good to select microphones that are compatible with more number of devices and not just one just to ensure an unlimited and unrestricted use of it.
  • It is a very good and admirable fact If the microphone you selected is designed to work with Discord, Skype, Zoom and other such applications. This in general affirms the fact that the microphone has a good output and it is suitable for speech recognition too.
  • A durable and long lasting construction is something that we all want from any product that we are investing into. Microphone that has a very fragile construction is definitely a waste of money without any question.

    You cannot peep inside a microphone and check its durability, but you can always make a judgement from the external look of the microphone and decide its lifespan. Thus, it is advised to invest in a solid and study looking construction.

Why do experts recommend not to have a Bluetooth connectivity in the microphone set you’re choosing for speech recognition?

  • Well, the reason for not selecting a microphone that comes with Bluetooth technology remains that if a microphone has Bluetooth connectivity then probably it is going to reduce the quality of the audio in terms of clarity, accuracy, sharpness and loudness. The quality of the audio can get distorted and that might have a minimum effect on the voice quality.

However there are experts who completely deny this fact. Just to stay on a safer side and not to take a chance we may take a small precaution and select our microphone accordingly. For that we can actually try and test the audio quality of a microphone which is with or without Bluetooth connectivity before making a decision.

Over to you: Which is the #1 of the Best Microphones for Speech Recognition according to you?

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