How to Fix the Microphone on AirPods? [100% Working Guide]

AirPods Pro has held the crown for best noise-cancelling earbuds in the world right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t face some issues with its hardware. If you are one of those who own AirPods, you might wonder ‘what to do if your AirPods microphones are not working “. Well, don’t worry. This article will answer all of your queries and questions.

How to Fix An AirPods Microphone That Isn’t Working?

If your Airpods are not working, you may try the following things to make it work :

  1. Charge your AirPods

 If your AirPods are not working properly, you may try to charge them and start reconnecting them. Charging is a big issue for AirPods as they have a small charging backup. 

  1. Reconnect Airpods To Your Device

You may try reconnecting your device to your AirPods if your microphone is not working properly. Check your connectivity, and it may work better.

  1. Clean Your AirPods Microphone

Sometimes, the mic may not work properly because of the dirt collected in its holes, so try cleaning it with an alcohol-soaked cloth. Dab it carefully, and you are good to use them.

  1. Restart Your Apple Device

Try restarting your apple device or any device your AirPods are connected to. Sometimes the problem is in the device and not the AirPods microphones.

  1. Airpods Microphone Settings

Check your microphone settings on your device and see if there are any issues with the settings and stuff. If you see something wrong, try to fix the settings, and it will be better. 

  1. Update The Airpods Firmware

Your firmware may be outdated if your microphones are not working properly. There is a list of updated versions of firmware on the apple site, and you may check that and update your firmware accordingly.

  1. Restart Your iPhone 

You can also try restarting your iPhone and see if your microphones work properly now coz sometimes your fon may have some issues, and restarting it can help.

  1. Update Your iPhone

You may update your iPhone if your microphones are not working properly, and updating it might solve the problem.

  1. Reset And Reconnect Your AirPods

Sometimes your AirPods are at fault, and resetting and reconnecting your AirPods may solve the issue of the microphones, and you can solve the issues. 

How do I fix my AirPod mic quality?

If you’re facing quality issues in your AirPod mic, try doing any of the following steps:

  1. If your quality is getting muffled up during a call, check the battery percentage. Low battery affects the quality of the AirPod a lot. Keep up a good charging percentage for your AirPods mic to work the best.
  2. Sometimes AirPods switch between which side of the microphone to use. This happens because AirPods have a default setting of choosing one microphone to use. You may change the default settings by going to the settings and changing the arrangement from “always left” to “always right” or vice versa.
  3. Try cleaning your AirPods. Dirt and debris inside your AirPod microphones can also be a reason for poor quality or muffled voice. Clean it with a cotton swab or if the dirt is visible, try removing it for better quality and good calls.
  4. Also, always keep your iPhone updated so that it can support AirPods. An outdated iPhone can cause issues with AirPod connectivity which may result in bad-quality of voice. 
  5. Another way could be to restart and reboot your AirPods and your connected devices so that both become more compatible with each other. 

Why can’t people hear me on my AirPods?

If the receiving end has issues listening to your voice or hearing your sound, you may first restart or reconnect your device. Another reason could be automatic ear detection, and sometimes the sensors don’t work as they should. We can remove this setting from our AirPods microphone and use it according to your will. Trying different methods to repair the microphone or its issues can help. 

How do I fix my AirPod Pro microphone?

AirPods pro or AirPods max user often complains about the microphone being too loud. This issue can be solved by disabling all the noise cancellation modes. It works better after that.

Disabling all the noise cancellation modes improves the mic quality and also gives a user a better experience with calls. As with noise cancellation modes, people complained that the receiving end hears a lot of background noises. You may enable noise cancellation modes back while listening to music or jamming to your favorite series and stuff. To disable any mode all you have to do is open settings, tap Bluetooth, tap the I in the circle, and now tap off. 

Now the quality of your AirPods max and pro won’t be muffled.

How do I Test my AirPod mic?

You may test your AirPods mic by checking its quality for that you have to do the following steps:

  1. Go to the settings, and choose the utility section.
  2. Now choose voice memo and record your voice
  3. After recording listen to that voice note and analyze where your microphone is going wrong.

If you are an android user you may test your microphone using the following steps:

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Choose your in-built recorder app on your android device.
  3. Record your voice in the recorder, after recording analyses the voice, and decide the quality of your microphone.

Also for both cases, iPhone or Android, there are third-party recorder apps as well that you can easily download and check the quality of the mic.

We also have mic test tool which is very easy to use. It can also analyze the performance of your mic and tell you how good your mic is performing once you’re done fixing it.


AirPods is really a wise choice for anyone who needs the best quality earphones. They offer good microphone quality with an active noise-cancellation feature. And to provide the best experience Airpods have four mics, two that are at the end of the bud and two that are inside the AirPod. 

Sometimes our AirPods microphones don’t work well or offer the best quality. Try doing the above-mentioned steps for the same and we are sure you will get the desired results.

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