Do AirPods Max Have A Mic? [Yes /with Location]

AirPods max combines the best quality audio with an industry-leading active noise cancellation feature to provide an unmatched listening experience. Any note, from deep rich bass to accurate mids and crisp, clean highs, you will get the clearest experience with the notes.

But does it have a mic? If so, where?

Let’s find out:

Do Airpods Max Have A Mic?

airpod max microphone

Yes, AirPods max does have a mic! Not one AirPods max has nine microphones in total. Three microphones for voice pick-up, two shared with active noise cancellation. And eight microphones individually for Active Noise Cancellation.

The microphones are built with such perfection that they will give you the best time doing anything with them. Whether you are talking with someone, doing video calls, talking to Siri, or just vibing to your favorite music, AirPods Max ensures the next-level experience for its users. AirPods Max provides all the modern features to have a worthwhile experience. 

AirPods Max microphones are proven to be amazing for movie times and songs time but not that durable for zoom calls or other calls.

They provide the highest quality spatial audio for the best movie night of your life. You can listen to high-frequency or low-frequency audio with ease.

Can You Talk On Airpods Max?

Yes, you can talk on AirPods Max.

AirPods Max has 9 microphones in total, each doing its work. All the microphones collectively ensure you get the best experience out of your talk time, vibing sessions, movie time, gaming nights, work or anything you’re doing!

You can talk and have conversations on AirPods Max. It also has noise control buttons to give you the best talking experience.

AirPods Max has also been proven to be the most comfortable headphones in town because they have breathable mesh and are proven to be lighter. Also, you have all the control while using the microphones of AirPods Max.

You can control the noise via the digital crown. Noise control buttons can also switch between Active Noise cancellation and Transparency mode. 

Can You Talk On Airpods Pro Max?

Yes, you can talk on AirPods Pro Max. It works the same as AirPods Max. You can talk, listen to music, watch movies, have Skype calls, and talk to Siri, and you can do everything with AirPods Max Pro. AirPods Max has the best build quality with chips to provide you with the best sound quality. They have Apple H1 headphones chips in each ear cup. 

AirPods Max will make your talking experience amazing as they are comfortable and have high-fidelity audio quality. It also has Siri to make your work easy and have a real hands-free experience.

Does AirPods Max Have A Built-In Mic?

Yes, AirPods Max has Built-In mics and not only this, they have nine microphones in total. AirPods Max has three built-in microphones. They are used for high-end voice pickup and Active noise cancellation.

You won’t find any discrepancy in the microphone quality of AirPods Max. They are simply amazing and give their user an experience to remember. 

Where are the Microphones on AirPods Max?

AirPods Max has the most microphones in comparison to any other Apple product. They have nine microphones in total.

You will find one microphone at the top of each ear cup and two microphones located at the bottom of each ear cup, which counts to 6. And 3 built-in microphones for voice pickup and active noise cancellation.

AirPods microphones are placed in the perfect places to give the best user experience. Selling the best stuff at a little higher price has always been Apple’s USP.

The microphones and AirPods Max have the most top-notch design of all time. Compared to its competitors, it provides a sleek metal body which looks elite. Other headphones in the market are made of plastic and look cheap. 


Airpods Max are over-to-ear headphones launched by Apple for an exceptionally fantastic noise-cancellation experience. It is a perfect blend of high-fidelity audio with the effortless magic of AirPods.

Its design also speaks for itself. The canopy, the cushion, and the case legit give you the best fit with the most comfortable experience.

The canopy on the headband is made from breathable mesh to distribute the weight and reduce the On-Head pressure.

The steel frame is wrapped with soft-to-touch material to ensure the right flexibility, comfort, and touch. The telescoping arm moves in and out smoothly and stays where you adjusted.

Anodised cups rotate individually to give you the most comfortable experience and to reduce the pressure. The ear cushions are soft like a pillow and crafted with memory foam.

The ear cushions gently create an immersive seal that is the foundation of the incredible sound. The volume control button (Apple names it digital crown) smoothly lets you change between tracks, talk to Siri, attend calls, etc.

AirPods Max are slightly on the expensive side, but are they worth it? They are! They provide you with the best audio quality experience with absolute comfort.

Although they were superiorly built to give the best noise cancellation feature, they still lack a bit in that compared to other competitors in the market. But when it comes to design, no one can ever replace Apple, it has always been on top, and I guess it is there on top for a long time.

AirPods Max are built with metal,which might put you in a thought that they would be heavy, bhut that’s not the case. They are extremely light and have the best metal design. Their breathable mesh quality gives you a sweat free and a worthwhile experience to do what you love to do with an ease.

AirPods Max are considered a luxury buy rather than a necessity buy but if you want to have an extraordinary experience with your sound you should definitely try them out. Buying AirPods Max won’t be a regret buy for sure. So what are you waiting for? Go buy these beauties and don’t forget to write a review!.

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