Best Microphones for Discord

Looking for the Best mic for Discord? Check the ones below before you buy one.

Discord is a great communicating app that requires a compatible microphone and USB connectivity if you are willing to use it on a PC or MAC.

I’ve a few microphones that fit the use for discord and live gaming streams as well.

I’ve made sure that you can check the pros and cons of the products and decide an ideal microphone for yourself.

Let’s look at the list without delays:

Best Microphones for Discord

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic
Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

If you want to carry out your experience with a decent mic in a more comfortable fashion then Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic could be the ultimate choice.

To be straight and brief this is one of the fastest gaming options that is hot selling in the market right now. Well, that is because of a couple of reasons.

Firstly the Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic is certified by Skype and discord which makes it way ahead of its competition.

Secondly, this mic is a perfect fit for a gaming environment and has supreme quality custom cardioid condenser capsule that records way more clear audio then a laptop’s or a smartphone’s microphone.

I love the fact that this gaming mic is a very easy to use, plug and play device that simply needs to be plugged and it gets connected to the device. Thus, that is pretty much all that you need to do to make it work with discord.

The other reason why it’s the best mic for discord is that it’s usage is just not bound to the discord app only. You can use it side by side with any other gaming console like a PS4, PS5 or any other console that supports usb microphones.

The mic sound is great and crystal clear for all the players when gaming, with no sort of lags whatsoever.

The weight of the microphone is just 1.01 Pounds, that makes it a lot more portable option. We truly like the attached tripod stand of the microphone and a round mic on top, ready to record a clean voice that can be used in so many ways.


Other than using it with discord and gaming consoles that support usb mics, you can use the microphone to record narration for pre-shot videos or stories.

Since the audio quality is just a bit below studio grade, you can also use it to record songs, other vocals, podcast Skype messages and FaceTime, if you are on a tight budget.

  • Affordable
  • Easy Mute and volume controls
  • Easy setup with Plug and play
  • Clean sound quality
  • Comfortable positioning
  • Not the best in shape / compactness

Blue Yeti USB: Best USB Microphone for Discord

Blue Yeti USB Mic
Blue Yeti USB Mic

Another discord certified mic, blue Yeti USB mic and features triple capsule and four different polar pattern settings to make a count as an absolutely versatile and advanced microphone.

The elegant and sleek mic comes with stereo, bidirectional, unidirectional and cardioid polar pattern. You can select any one among these superior choices. The microphone lets you enjoy recording and exceptionally clear voice.

Besides, you get a zero latency monitoring and a plug and play setting. Further, you get a convenient volume control, polar pattern selection, mute button and gain control that can be easily set according to your choice.

The triple capsule array of the mic cannot be underestimated because they allow recording of crystal clear audio in almost any condition.

Moreover you get a warranty manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years that bill enough reliability on the product.


I know this microphone is not at all a cheap option in the list.

However, it is the best option so far because, apart from gaming and some chatting on discord, you can also record a professional level audio for musical instrument, songs, vocals, blogging, podcast and story narrations.

Also, this is a fantastic microphone and is completely worth your money product which deserves an investment, especially for gamers. The weight of the microphone is 2.82 pounds.

  • Triple capsule array
  • Four different polar patterns
  • Zero latency
  • Gain control
  • Minimum distortion
  • Expensive price

HyperX Cloud II: Best Headset Mic for Streaming Discord

HyperX Cloud II
HyperX Cloud II

There’s is a reason why a lot of gamers tend to use headsets with mics. It helps them to skip an item on their desk.

This is why, the HyperX cloud is a good all-in-one combo for people who need headsets as well as mic, it is discord certified headset(*) so you can use it without any additional headaches.

The sound quality of the headset in great and you can hear all those tiny details while playing a game. All lows and the high trebles in a game can be differentiated with no effort at all.

The build is made of aluminum frame meaning its solid and durable enough to last a good amount of time.

I love the headset as it can be used on several platforms including PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

I am pretty sure all your friends on the server will be jealous of you, after you level up your skills using this headset.

The best part why I’m adding it on to the list is that, the microphone on the headset is detachable which is often times missed in case of a lot of headsets.

Also, it is available in both Wired and Wireless headset formats, so you can buy your preferred choice for discord.

The downside to buying this headset is that the cords tangle really easily. Thus, you will see yourself untangling cords every now and then if you don’t keep it carefully with other stuff.


Best for gamers who prefer an headset while gaming on servers. Works well for long hours of chatting as well.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great audio
  • Cord tangles really easily

UHURU XLR Condenser Microphone: Best XLR Mic for Discord

UHURU XLR Condenser Microphone
UHURU XLR Condenser Microphone

Moving ahead in the list we have a professionally designed XLR Condenser Microphone certified by discord in the list.

This mic is great for professional live game streaming as the sound quality is just amazing.

Talking to friends over discord has never been this fun. You can instantly feel the added crisp to the words you speak, if you listen to voice sound.

Plus, you don’t need to interfere any settings on the audio interface of discord.

The microphone features a 16mm condenser capsule with a plated membrane that gives rise to a wide-ranging frequency response (20 – 18,000Hz).

With a high sensitivity (-34dB ± 3dB (0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1kHz)) and a fast-transient response the quality of the recording becomes crisp sharp and so powerful that you can hardly resist yourself from purchasing it.

With these features we cannot forget to mention the cardioid pickup pattern of the microphone that contributes equally in the crystal clear recording that the microphone offers.

The microphone weighs slightly more than the previous option in the list: around 3.12 lbs. But the wait is mainly due to a very durable and solid armrest construction, that is made of steel and has a metal strength.

Additionally, the foldable design of the microphone gives the users to maintain a suitable and a comfortable posture while using this microphone.


Users who are looking for an extremely effortless recording where they can rest in a comfortable posture and go on with recording for as long as they want- can definitely consider purchasing this microphone from XLR.

  • Wide Range Frequency Response
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • User Friendly Settings And Adjustments
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Durable Choice
  • Comes With All Required Accessories In The Case
  • Expensive price

Shure MV5 Microphone

Shure MV5 Microphone
Shure MV5 Microphone

Weighing just 10.1 ounces this microphone becomes a super portable and lightweight option in the list. The mind is certified by discord and it is specially designed to suit portability requirements of users who want to record a clear audio in all the challenging circumstances sure chance as already a reputed brand with decent quality microphones it has launched so far.

The iOS and USB connectivity enable the device to be used with various other devices with just a plug and play method. There is no need for an elaborated connection here with this microphone.

In order to carry out activities such as recording compressed voice, adjusting the EQ levels or editing the quality of the recording, you can download the ShurePlus MOTIV mobile app. Last but not the least we love the body build of the microphone along with a sleek detachable stand.


Mainly traveling bloggers and people who need a portable microphone option for discord in the list can look for this microphone. What’s great is that the micis certified by discord and offers great audio quality with clarity and accuracy in pick up pattern.

The detachable stand of the microphone is very sleek and lightweight which can be removed if the user wants to position the microphones some other way.

  • ShurePlus MOTIV mobile app for advanced settings
  • Clear audio
  • Easy setup
  • Genuine Price
  • Highly portable
  • Might not work with Facetime and phone calls



Hardly a user can deny the versatility of Rode NT-USB mic. The microphone comes with discord certification authentication and USB connectivity. Apple iPad users can have a great time with this prominent audio recording device.

That comes with a Pop shield, Tripod desk stand, and a ring mount. You get to experience a premium audio quality with the use of Zero Latency Headphones Monitoring Jack.

You get a precisely tailored pop filter that reduces plosive sounds: that are basically harsh pronunciations of some letters in the alphabet that disrupt the quality of the audio.

Additionally the microphone comes with a supported tripod stand and an overall tough construction that makes it a very reliable device. The microphone weighs only 1.15 pounds and you can easily carry it along with you to the workplace.

Use: Users are looking for a more versatile device that can be compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as and Windows and Mac Operating System can fetch this microphone without delay. Moreover, it is a portable option.

  • Advanced settings
  • Clear audio
  • Zero latency
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Bottom construction feels like a subaltern plastic

AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser: Best Beginner Mic for Discord

AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser
AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser

Enough of the professional microphones that we have discussed in the list now let us know some budget-friendly options that you have got.

This is Amazon’s Basic Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone that is a super compact and lightweight microphone that weighs only 8 ounces.

Such a lightweight and portable microphone is a boon for traveling bloggers who record on special places and conditions. The microphone is a plug and play USB device that makes use of choicest specs and a refined audio quality to win the hearts of the users.

The Affordable Mic is not just smooth with discord. I’ve tried it alongside multiple apps and it does not lag behind in working with Skype, Messages, FaceTime, Twitch, and YouTube.

The unidirectional pickup pattern of this mic from Amazon capsules clear and strong audio. The microphone can be used for continuously 24 hours after one charging session.

Use: The microphone can be used by users who want a portable and compact device. It can be used by people who record musical instruments vocals, narration of stories and pre-recorded videos.

  • Very compact and lightweight
  • A tripod stand
  • Fast pick up
  • Clear audio
  • Plug and play device
  • Connectivity and Distortion might be slightly disturbing

ZekPro USB Computer Microphone: Cheapest Mic for Discord

ZekPro USB Computer Microphone
ZekPro USB Microphone for Computer

Next budget pic is the ZekPro USB Computer Microphone. This is a stylish beast that you are going to like from the very first glance. It’s hard for the users to stop giving it a short stare.

First of all, the microphone has an even round stand and a curved metallic handle which we call FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK that holds the mic on top. The Flexible Gooseneck can be used to place the microphone in a comfortable recording position in front of you.

The omnidirectional microphone makes use of noise cancellation technology to cancel out background noise that stops the original audio recording.

The plug and play device can be simply connected to a compatible device and you can easily use it. Additionally you get mute button LED indicators and a very convenient travel bag.


Users who want a budget friendly option with flexible settings and decent audio quality can definitely consider purchasing this microphone.

The weight of the microphone is just 5.3 ounces which makes it the most lightweight and portable option in the entire list that we have discussed so far.

  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • A Flexible Gooseneck
  • Omnidirectional pick up
  • Clear audio
  • Plug and play device
  • Slight Distortion after careless or overuse
  • Not recommended for professional use

XLR Mics vs USB Mics vs Headsets for gaming and discord chatting: What’s Better?

XLR mics are fun to use, but not everyone likes to get into the nitty gritty and setup. The prices are also higher for an XLR mic. This also means improved audio recording quality.

USB mics are use more for discord as most Windows PC and Mac users tend to use one.

I also try to avoid recommending headsets as they simply can’t match the audio output given out by a gaming microphone.

If you look at the sound scenario, there’s a lot more detail in the voice recognition and filtering for a mic when compared to a headset.


  • For casual use you can pick up a headset with a mic.
  • For live streaming, gaming, chatting on discord, you should pick a USB Mic.
  • For professional grade audio recording, go for an XLR mic for discord.

Some talk on the best microphones for discord. Things to look for:

  1. Discord certified: First of all you have to look for a microphone that is certified by discord only then it can be used for the application. Even if your headset/ mic is not certified, chances are that it should work more or less. Check these settings and set them up when you use your gaming microphone/headset
  1. USB Connectivity: Secondly you need a USB connection in the microphone. While most of the devices do ensure including a USB port, it is always a safer plan to check before you proceed.
  1. Polar pattern: Next it is important to have a clear sound pick up polar pattern in the microphone. Polar pattern of a microphone decides the directions from which the microphone is going to pick up sound.

Here I have discussed the 4 most common and the…Best Types of Polar Patterns:

  • Cardioid: Cardioid microphone picks up sounds from the front and sides of the capsule. These pickup sounds that are free from deviations.
  • Bi-Cardioid: Bi-Cardioid picks up sound from the front and back of the capsule.
  • Super Cardioid: Super cardioid mics pick up sound from the front and main source of the capsule. These mics are great for distortion free recordings.
  • Omnidirectional: These mics pick up sound from every direction.
  1. Construction: Make sure that your microphone is lightweight and has a solid construction. The microphone should not be made of an inferior quality plastic and it should not feel fragile. If possible you can also invest in warranty products that come with manufacturer’s warranty.
  1. Portable: While lightweight microphones are considered to be the most portable options. It is not always necessary that they are going to be durable too. So you may look for a comfortable pick for yourself that is having a sturdy build as well as a portable and compact size.
  1. Compatibility: The microphone should be compatible with iOS and Android devices so that you get multiple options to pair up with the device for usage.
  1. Plug and Play: With the promotion in the quality of the Technologies we have become accustomed to devices that are easy to connect and require less time to operate. Hence, you should always look for a plug and play microphone that is ready to be connected and allows instant use.
  1. Budget: Do fix The budget of your choice while purchasing a microphone. Look for live sales that are common in festive months of the Year. That will in turn save those extra pennies and keep you away from impulsive decisions. If budget is one of your primary concerns, you can also check out the best budget mics for gaming.

We all remember the days when it was so hard to resist ourselves from playing Super Mario. Nowadays games have become major recreational. Skype, messages and FaceTime are all an important part of the social life of the population. To enjoy these applications you must have a compatible microphone that is certified by discord and holds true value.

Over to you: Which is the brand that produces the best mics for discord chatting and gaming? Do Let me know

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