6 Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio

To purchase a headset microphone that allows a clear recording of audio is certainly not a big deal. It is just that you need to to understand a few features and make sure that the microphone include some important facts that are ideally required for recording a clear and distortion free sound.

The basic things that you should look for is Volume Setting, Polar Pattern, Connectivity, Ear Pad, Headband Padding, Dimensions And Possibility of a headset microphone. Headset microphones are not just the hands-free option to record an audio but they also allow hassle-free uses.

Here we have some choicest headset microphones for recording an audio. You can have a look at their features and make a list of your own that has all the important specs that your ideal headset microphone should have.

Best Headset Microphones for Recording Audio

EPOS SENNHEISER GSP 300: The Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio

Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio: EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300
EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300

If you have seen my previous posts, you will easily know how much I love Sennheiser products.

This one is no different.

You may ask me why it’s my first choice, right?

Well there you go…

With an advanced Ambient Noise Isolation this microphone peaks the list of best microphones for recording audio.

The Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset can be conveniently used for recording audio and playing games as well.

Now let’s get to why its easy to record with such a good headset microphone.

It’s because of the safely secured acoustic lock. It keeps you carefree while you enjoy recording and audio. Thus, you can go on recording for hours, without having to worry about.

The headset is specially engineered by EPOS and it lets you capture high quality audio. They are specially known for their high end audio solutions for gaming and enterprise use.

Not just that, you are going to enjoy a bass-heavy thrilling sound quality when listening to the playbacks.

At times, you may have to mute the mic for privacy reasons. That’s totally covered by this mic headset for recording.

The Lift to Mute Boom Arm microphone is designed to mute the microphone automatically as soon as you lift the arm.

It also allows a flexible adjustment of the arm of the microphone for recording crystal clear audio with a correct positioning.

However, the mic is not totally flexible and can only be adjusted in the upwards or downwards direction. That’s the only con I could find, trust me.

Like most headsets, you get a Volume Adjustment Wheel on the right ear cup of the microphone.

The Passive Noise Attenuation comes with the comfortable pair of ear pads that does not hurt your skin and the padding keeps it a cushiony soft use for you.

You can connect the headset microphone to a Mac, a PC or any 3.5 mm input Jack. So there’s a lot of devices this headset is compatible with.

Coming to the construction of the microphone you get ergonomic body with a durable build.

And I am not the only one to love these mics. Out of a lot of good reviews, here’s one from my testing team:

“I LOVE THIS HEADSET!!! I purchased this for recording audio from my xbox one gaming and it’s definitely one of the best headsets I’ve ever bought for this price.”

What makes it unique?

A comfortable design, the padded ear cups, crystal clear sound quality and automatic mute microphone make this microphone a unique choice for its users. Also, we love the blue and black combination that makes it look so classy yet in fashion.

  • Clear audio quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong build
  • With Lift-to-mute Boom Arm
  • Comfortable use
  • Mic is fixed

Logitech G PRO X: Best Headset With Flexible Mic for Recording Audio and Music

PRO X headset from Logitech is a travel friendly headset microphone that can be used for recording audio at different destinations.

The headset microphone can be used for traveling because it is detachable and it comes with a mobile cable having an inline mic.

Thanks to the microphone quality, recording audio or even music (YES!) is also a possibility.

The use of the headset can be made independent of the mic too.

Onboard memory and 5 band EQ suits versatile needs of gamers too apart from audio recording.

You get Real Time Blue Voice technology, noise reducer, and sound compressor for professional recording capacity.

It is easy to download audio EQ profiles. The Premium USB external sound card delivers an absolutely crystal clear audio.

I have seen many users feeling uncomfortable with misfit or discomfit Headset.

That’s probably why I love these so much.

Here you have Soft memory foam padded leatherette or velour ear cups.

I do appreciate the contribution of Next Gen 7.1 Surround Sound and PRO G 50 mm drivers that allows it to produce sharp sound.

Thus, like me, you will also love to hear, whatever you playback on these headset mics.

Regarding the construction, you can be assured with a stiff steel and aluminum construction.

“I’ve been using this headset for a month now and it is wonderful. The USB sound card works good. Inline controls and mic mute switch are good. I have not had any issues with the braided cable rubbing against my shirt and producing sound. The mic quality is excellent. Directional audio is good. The headset for long sessions is very comfy! I wear glasses and it is comfortable. The build quality is solid.”

What makes it unique?

Adjustable mic, cushiony build with durable steel and aluminum, 5 band EQ settings and Real Time Blue Voice technology make it a reliable Headset Microphone. We love the comforting fit of the device that further benefits the users for long recording hours.

  • Blue voice Technology
  • Detachable microphone
  • Good sound isolation
  • Noise-cancellation
  • Comfortable fit
  • Refined audio quality
  • Dongle might be uncomfortable at times.

Audio-Technica BPHS1

Audio-Technica BPHS1
Audio-Technica BPHS1

With a unique combination of polar pattern and frequency response smartly designed to benefit the recording quality of an audio. When the closing of headphone microphones are loose fitting, there is a maximum chance of you getting distracted by the background noise.

This microphone comes designed with Closed back circumaural ear cups that seal the circumference sound and you get to record a distilled audio of your own. If you want a higher output and expect powerful sound quality to be reproduced from a microphone, then you must know about it’s Neodymium magnets.

The magnets help it to deliver a detailed sound reproduction. Cardioid polar pattern is the most commonly used and ideal pickup pattern to avoid off axis sound. Also you do not have to struggle with a fixed microphone position.

You can easily position it according to your needs because you get a Boom mounted microphone.

The ear pads and the cable of this microphone can be replaced easily and the design that you get are very comfortable ones because you get a very padded and soft like earpads.

What makes it unique?

This is a very comfortable option for users because it has a microphone that can be easily positioned left or right to the ears. It carries Neodymium magnets to produce a powerful sound and you get a closed back. You may also like the Rugged design of the microphone which makes it durable and long lasting.

One of the user’s statements of review: “I have owned these for almost 2 years now and I feel I can give a reasonably detailed review on them.

First of all I would recommend getting an audio interface/mixer interface in order to get the best overall sound quality out of this headset since the microphone uses an XLR connection and the headphones use a 1/4″ connection.

I have been using this headset for live streaming to Twitch for the most part but it can work well in a pinch for voice over work and commentary.”

  • Clear and fine audio
  • Powerful audio
  • Strong build
  • Boom mounted microphone
  • Connects to cameras, audio gear and amp
  • A heavy look

Sony WH1000XM4: Best Bluetooth Headset with Mic for Audio Recording & Music

Sony WH1000XM4
Sony WH1000XM4

We know the price of this microphone is not something one can easily agree to invest in. But it majorly depends on the need of the user if you expect your microphone to have a quick and comfortable use.

First of all the my comes equipped with digital noise cancelling that the basically reduces the ambient noise and makes it a sound proof experience for you you can take hands free call with us microphone with the help of an inbuilt mic, moreover you can personally adjust the intensity of the background chaos by using the personal noise cancelling option.

Instead of button you get touch controls to make the experience a digital and a premium one for you.

What will love the most about this device is a long 30 hours of battery life upon 1 charging session If a user record sound for 10 hours per day then this microphone can be continuously used for 3 days.

The design of the headphone is foldable that makes it easy to store it in the carrying case, also, lastly the product makes an notice of using an NCC processor that is a high quality processor to enhance the sound of your recording.

What makes it unique?

If the users are very serious about recording a refined and distilled audio with a lot of adjustments they must check this headset microphone. What makes it different from other microphones is commendable tailoring in making it more or less a fully adjustable deal where you can personalize each and every feature of this headset microphone.

Also, it makes use of a good quality processor and a mind-blowing battery life of 30 hours that can hardly be matched by any other headset microphone.

One of the user’s statements of review: ” The noise canceling on these is noticeably improved over the previous generation. The sound quality is excellent, and if you use the Headphones app you can change the base and other EQ settings. The base is good and strong, especially when you turn it up.”

  • Distilled audio that is recorded
  • Comes with 5 microphones
  • Highly personalized settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong and durable build
  • Foldable headset microphone
  • Commendable battery life of 30 hours
  • Extra sensitive touch features
  • Costly product

AmazonBasics: Budget Headset Microphone for Audio Recording

Amazon Basics Gaming Headset wit Mic
Amazon Basics Gaming Headset wit Mic

Do not lose hope if you are tired of seeing classy and premium looking headset microphones in the list. We do have some creative and entertaining options too.

If you need some colorful choices then you can look out for Amazon basic headset microphone that comes under blue black and green black combinations.

These are basically two way communication headset microphones that can be wonderful working to record a nice audio for you. A 3.5 mm jack is enough to help you connect this headset microphone to any device you want.

Since the microphone is specially designed for long hours of usage and the ear pads are very cushioned and comfortable to wear. The entire headband is padded and does not feel like plastic hurt plastic hurting you.

A strong and durable build of the microphone wins the game for it which is after all who does not want a solid device to invest into. Last but not the least this is one of the affordable choices that you have in the list.

What makes it unique?

What makes a headset microphone unique is the color combinations that are available. Blue black and Green black color combos make this headset microphone look so trendy and flaunting.

The headset microphones can instantly set you tune your mood to record a nice and clear audio of your choice.

One of the user’s statements of review: “What prompted the 5 star rating is my son letting me know that his friends have all been asking what brand his new headset was because the audio was outstanding,comparable to a desk mic. So far, a great value.”

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very powerful audio quality
  • Stunning color combinations
  • A very trendy look
  • Affordable
  • Not meant for rough handling
  • Only suitable for Basic Audio Recording

Amazon Basics Premium Headset

Amazon Basics Gaming Headset with Desktop Mixer
Amazon Basics Premium Headset

This is truly a premium looking headset microphone that brings in some amazing features at an affordable price. The added bass and high frequency gives a wonderful sound quality.

You get inline volume and mute buttons. The Omni-directional sound pickup pattern ensures an even sound pickup from all the directions of this microphone without having a tendency to fade away or deviate.

Moreover the microphone is capable of picking up crystal clear audio that is free from ambient noise and background chaos.

Ultra-soft Polyurethane Coverings and Memory foam ear cups provides extreme comfort when you when you wear this headset microphone.

It is an affordable and Elite with toys that does not load your head with a lot of pressure and stress.

What makes it unique?

The microphone is unique in terms of it’s weightless construction and comfortable ear pads that reduced pressure on the ears and head of the users.

Not only this the headphone is so designed to to record and even sound quality without noise or distortions.

There is hardly a chance of you’re facing any discomfort using this microphone keeping an affordable price range in mind.

One of the user’s statements of review: “Pros – good clamping force – roomy ear cups. My ears are a little big, so sometimes headsets tend to clamp down on them… not an issue here – volume knob interfaces with windows OS to provide good volume control – fair-decent sound quality.”

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong and clear audio quality
  • Classy look
  • Affordable
  • Omni-directional sound pick up
  • Volume adjustment is not perfect

Let’s now look at a few Ideal features for a good quality headset microphone that lets you record sound with clarity and precision.

Things to look for in the best headsets with mic for recording audio and music

  • Always plan a budget before investing in an electronic device. It is is true that within a certain price range only a certain products are going win your heart. The more you invest in a product, the more Expectations arise.

    Electronic gadgets are often expensive and it is not a cup of tea for each and all to be able to buy an expensive headset microphone.

    Thus, it is ideal to analyze which budget is going to include which features; and most importantly keep a track of your features that you are looking for in an ideal headset microphone that you think of investing into.
  • Secondly, though we cannot ensure enough about the functioning and internal mechanism of an electronic device, we can always have a look at the build and construction of a product and analyze its durability.

    It is any day a better option to look for a durable construction, a solid material such as steel and aluminum which does not break easily such headset microphones are going to last you long.
  • Lightweight: Yes, your headset microphone has to have a durable construction but that does not mean that it has a freedom to become a heavy product. We need a lightweight headset microphone that does not create pressure for the ears and head and it does not hurt your skull.

    We are looking for a comfortable easy to wear headset microphone that is portable and does not way itself more than we can tolerate.
  • Comfortable padding: A comfortable headband pad and your padding are very important to ensure stress free and easy handling of the headset microphone. Ear pads not just block the background chaos from being recorded in the main audio but it also Comforts the ears and head without making you feel the rough and tough construction of the headset microphone.
  • Audio quality: Audio quality of recording headset microphone should be very crystal clear and distilled.

    However, we cannot always ensure this feature without using the microphone, but we can have some minimum checks such as:

    We can check whether or not the microphone includes a cardioid pick up pattern which is ideally good for recording audios for various purposes.

    Secondly, we can check the Noise Reduction and Noise Cancellation feature in a microphone that is capable of cutting of the Off-axis sound or the background noise from a main recording. These two features can more or less balanced the entire audio quality and ensure find recording.
  • Additional features: Additional features always let you compared two Products and decide which additional feature is worth investing.

    For example, you may have a choice of a long cable and short cable for connecting the headset microphone to a device. Now, it depends on you whether which option you like to choose.

    Depending on your needs, you select an ideal option for yourself. Features such as volume setting wheel, touch screen buttons, and upgraded Technologies are all additional features that boost the performance of ordinary headset microphones.

Over to You: Which is the Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio according to you?

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