Shure 55SH vs Shure SM58

It’s no surprise that Shure microphones have set up a benchmark for quality. With years of successful manufacturing, the brand has left no stone unturned to satisfy its customers. What makes this product a reliable choice is a durable construction besides superior quality.

If you want to compare Shure 55 with SM58, we have made the task all the more easy for you. Both microphones have top notch features and the user can simply not complain much about the specs.

But yes there are a couple of differences that you want to take a note of, Here you go:

Shure 55SH


Specs in brief:

It is widely used for the purpose of live sound, Studio Recording, Broadcast and Podcast. Mics form factor comprises stand and boom mount.

The main sound source is Vocals. The operating principle is pressure gradient and the polar pattern is Supercardiod. Orientation is not specified.

Also it provides you with a solid state Circuitry. The frequency range varies from 60 Hz to 17 K Hz. The Impedance is 290 Ohms. The microphone sensitivity is -53 dBV/Pa at 1 kHz. It has an output connector I. e. 1 x XLR 3-Pin.

The mounting is 5/8″-27 Female (via Integrated Hardware). It comes in a zipper pouch.

It weighs 1.45 lb / 0.66 kg. The specified dimension is ø: 3.06 x L: 7.4″ / ø: 77.8 x L: 188 mm.

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Specs in brief:

The primary application of this device is not specified. Mics form factor is handheld. The operating principle is,it is pressure operated.The polar pattern is cardioid. Orientation is the end address. The wind screen available separately is foam. The frequency ranges from 50 Hz to 15 KHz.

The impedance is 150 ohms. The microphone sensitivity is- 57.5 dBV/Pa at 1 kHz. The output connector is 1 x XLR 3-Pin.

It is silver in color. The mounting specified is 3/8″-16 Female, 5/8″-27 Female, Mic Clip/Stand Adapter (Included). It comes in a zipper pouch. It weighs 0.82 lb / 371.94 g. The dimension provided is ø: 2.01 x L: 6.38″ / ø: 51 x L: 162 mm.


Shure 55SH

The mic delivers an absolutely seamless performance when it is used for recording vocals. The output is clear and crisp. The frequency curve focuses on the vocals more, and the lower segment has the maximum SPL.

Once you get used to the right technique of using the mic, whatever the requirement be, this champ lives up to your expectations.

It’s great when it comes to recording warm and deep tunes, or any musical instrument. Whether you are on a stage with thousands of people in front of you, or your creative studio, this friend won’t let you down.

The noise reduction shock mount is another advantage, because it cuts off any amount of ambient noise which you don’t want to get recorded along with the main audio.


This champ is great at handling middling frequencies and delivering a crystal clear output. And we all know how tricky it gets to deal with the mid range frequencies when you are recording every now and then.

Especially if you are more into recording vocals, then you are gonna love this mic.

You get negligible noise, very low feedback, and decreased plosives to refine the main sound.

The swinging edge of this microphone ensures that you achieve the same output regardless of the fact where you plug this device in.

Build quality:

Shure 55SH

Well, this Retro buddy looks absolutely lovely! Many relate it with the type of mic Elvis used, and that’s how Shure names it as : Elvis mic.

That doesn’t mean it is equipped with the golden-age tools. Plus, the strong and durable framework makes it absolutely reliable.

However, the vintage design and the use of heavy metals for construction definitely makes it weigh a bit more.


Though this dynamo comes under an affordable budget, it doesn’t really mean it offers you an inferior quality.

It does not have much ornamentation and luxury look-wise. But the sound! It’s simply killing. So, it gives a tough competition to other mics.

Feels like a classy and at the same time most basic mic when you hold it. Several brands have tried to copy it, but couldn’t match the performance of course.

The die cast material used for the skeleton, the enamel paint, and the metallic dome mesh add durability to the manufacturing.

Pros & Cons

Shure 55SH

  • Vintage looks but modern performance.
  • Brilliant for recording vocals.
  • No Noise gets recorded.
  • Swinging mount
  • Tricky to use: you have to know how to place it in front of the source.
  • Slightly Heavy

Shure SM58

  • Lightweight but durable
  • Robust
  • No hassle
  • Budget friendly
  • Not great at recording instruments.
  • For users who want a modern, lightweight mic, SM58 is a good pick.
  • But noise reduction, clear output and instrument recording can be best done by Shure55.
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