How to Enable Microphone on Chrome?

There’s a lot of buzz currently going on with all the online video meetings and zoom session.

But mic is one such thing we often struggle to enable on a security concerned browser like chrome.

Today, let’s fix this problem once and for all. Let’s see how to enable mic on chrome.

With that we will also cover the sub topics and FAQs:

  1. How to Enable microphone on chrome?
  2. Chrome microphone not working – What to do and How to Fix.
  3. How do I allow Chrome to access my microphone?
  4. Why is my microphone not working on Google Chrome?

How to Enable microphone on chrome?

As you very well know, you have control over which sites can access your microphone and webcam with the help of Google Chrome. For example, you can allow Zoom to use your computer’s mic while blocking YouTube from doing the same.

You can select the option of allow or block for a particular website as per your desire. Your options are stored by Chrome, so you can change them from the settings according to your preference.

You can allow a website to access your microphone and camera, or block it from accessing them,as per you wish,under Chrome’s settings menu.

Go through the following steps to know how to allow or block mic and camera access in chrome.

  1. As you open chrome, you can see three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click on it to open the Chrome menu.
  2. A menu will appear, providing you with certain options, select settings from the same.
    Tip: To open the Chrome settings menu, you can also use some keyboard shortcuts on Windows, like, press F10 followed by the Spacebar or Alt+F or Alt+E. On a Mac, press Command + , (comma).
  3. Scroll down through the popped up screen and select Advanced from the given alternatives.
  4. Find site settings under the privacy and security section.
  5. Now, you can access the settings of either of the two, camera and microphone as you wish, and make changes.

If you want to check the video tutorial, check the one here:

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How to fix Chrome Microphone not Working?

Troubleshooting microphone issues in chrome extension recording

If your microphone isn’t working on chrome then you can try the following steps to debug this complication.

  1. Firstly, you need to open your Chrome microphone settings from the Chrome browser.
    • Pick a default mic.
    • Turn on the button next to blocked, under “Sites can ask to use your microphone”.
    • You need to remove all the sites under “Allow and Not Allowed” sections, so click on the trash icon next to each website,for clearing the list.
    • Now, simply exit the page.
  2. Start over your Chrome browser and then reopen Chrome microphone settings. Switch on the toggle next to “Ask before accessing”.
  3. Now whenever you visit a site, chrome will ask you if any site wants to use your mic on the address bar. A pop-up will come to screen asking if loom can “Use your microphone”. All you need to do is click on “Allow“.
  4. Re-open your Loom extension and pick your microphone source under Recording settings. Your microphone names would now be displayed correctly.
  5. You can now choose your desirable microphone and hit start recording.

Now, you should be able to use your mic on chrome efficiently.

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How do I allow Chrome to access my microphone?

allow Chrome to access microphone
allow Chrome to access microphone

If you want to permit Chrome to access your microphone,go through these very simple steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to open chrome.
  2. Visit the site that wants to use your microphone.
  3. Now, you can see two Choices Allow and Block. Allowed sites can have access to your microphone and blocked ones can’t.

Why is my microphone not working on Google Chrome?

Microphone not working in chrome is a common issue, you can try these easy solutions to tackle this problem.

  1. Make sure you aren’t muted

Sometimes we do such silly things that we mute ourselves and try to speak. So, don’t panic. Firstly ensure that you are not on mute.

Make sure you are not on mute
  1. Check your system settings
system settings in windows 10

You will only be able to use your microphone when it is the default recording device. So, please do check that in your settings, and if it isn’t then make the changes required.

  1. Check for driver updates

A driver is a kind of software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware devices. So, if you are using an external microphone or a headset then make sure that the same is properly installed and updated.

Wrapping Up

I have tried my best to provide you with some of the finest solutions that I think will surely debug this complication. If you’re still unable to resolve this,then there might be a problem with your microphone,so you can very well contact the manufacturer or a service center as per your comfort.

I hope you were able to fix and enable the microphone in chrome browser.

Thank You!

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