Neumann U67 Vs U87: What’s better?

Not only do these microphones come from the same family but they have a similar appearance and share a similar set of specs too. For example, both of them come with switchable polar patterns.

If you are wondering which one is a good choice for you, then the article is a clear guide.

Keep walking through the given similarities and the differences to frame a proper decision.

What’s same?

Firstly let’s go through some common features of both the microphones.

Both the microphones have three switchable polar patterns which are omnidirectional, cardioid and figure eight.

They consist of a 10dB pee attenuation pad which helps in managing loud instruments or vocals. The high pass filter can take LF sound like wind and noise.

Its omnidirectional polar pattern is capable of capturing sound signals from all the directions.

Cardioid polar pattern is capable of recording sound from the front, and rejects the sides. That makes it pretty suitable for vocal recordings.

The figure eight polar pattern can record two voices at a time.

Both the mics Neumann U87 and U67 are used for many recordings and instruments.

What’s the difference?

Now that you know the basic similarities between the two microphones it’s finally time to unveil the differences between them.

Let’s begin!

Frequency Response Range

Neumann U87 has a longer frequency response between 20Hz-20kHz in comparison to U67. It can help in capturing both lower and higher notes. The sound is clear and bright. The voice is boosted and is great for recording vocals. Rappers or singers who have a matured voice, can think about it.

The frequency range of Neumann U67 is short of 40 Hz-16kHz. It does go down for the bass and does not consist much of headroom. The sound quality however is very refined. Natural, clean and strong.

Maximum SPL Handling

The SPL handling between Neumann U67 and U87 is also the main difference. Neumann U87 has a higher SPL handling which is nearly 117 dB while U67 has a lower SPL handling which is near to 116 dB. The SPL is increased to 127 dB if the pee attenuation pad is turned on. In comparison you will see that Neumann U87 is the best for handling loud and higher voices.

Neumann U67 Vs U87

Neumann U67

Neumann U67
Neumann U67

The Neumann U67 in a classic Neumann style has a large-diaphragm condenser microphone.

Neumann U87

Neumann U87
Neumann U87

There are three directional patterns; cardioid, omnidirectional and figure 810dB attenuation switch 127dB SPL. It can handle up-to 20Hz-20kHz sound eating at 200 ohms.

Some users agree that U67 has a more vibrant sound and U87 is generally used for headroom issues and electronics.

With Neumann U67, you get a separate power supply with a tube amplifier. It is less loud than U87, or less vibrant.

Neumann U67 Vs U87: Which One Wins?

Neumann U67 is suitable for both instruments and vocals so it ultimately depends on the natural sounding mic that you wish to use. But many agree that if you are a rapper, or have a deep voice you definitely give U87 a try as it is a bright mic and can record such voices.

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