Shure VP 83 vs. Rode Videomic: Which Shotgun Mic is Better?

In between Shure VP 83 and Rode videomic, confused between what to pick and what to leave? You must be!

Who doesn’t want to bag a DSLR camera for recording professional-like videos?

But not all DSLRs come with good quality microphones. The inbuilt microphones are generally very casual in their job. And if we don’t want our mic to pick up ambient noise, we have to switch to a quality microphone!

And the job is quite simple. You have two best microphones in the article, all you need is to pick one for yourself.

Shure VP 83:

Shure VP 83
Shure VP 83

Let’s begin with the Shure champ first. It’s a very robust shotgun microphone. The metal construction, and aluminum alloy definitely add to its durable property. Even if you’re giving it a rough handling, this masterpiece does not give up on its performance and durability. Despite being so sturdy in its construction, the microphone is not at all heavy.

Shure VP 83 has a low filter cut which does not clearly remove the entire background noise and has switchable gain levels. The mic has a Rycote Lyre shock mounting system which can be used for robust isolation to prevent any mechanical noise and vibration.

It has interchangeable gain levels of range( -10dB, 0, +20dB). The shock mounting system, Rycote Lyre, provides efficient noise cancellation for mechanical as well as vibrational noises.

Rode videomic:

Rode Videomic
Rode Videomic

Coming to Rode video mic, again it’s a shotgun microphone which needs to be aimed at the source, otherwise the recorded sound will not be up to the mark.

This microphone has a high quality camera shotgun which helps you in recording and taking videos. It has a Lyre® Rycote® shock mount system. It provides isolation from any outside sound and a windshield to record in any environment even if it is windy. The microphone is versatile in nature and can record any loud sound. It provides crisp and clear sound and is excellent for film making.

The audio response rate of the mic is 40Hz-20kHz. A 80Hz high pass filter is also available. It helps prevent any low noise like traffic or air conditioners from being recorded. An attenuation of -10dB and -20dB helps in recording any loud sound.

What can you pick?

If you believe in quality, then you must go for road video my Pro Plus as it comes with the best ability to record powerful sound without giving up on the professional quality and clarity.

However if you are looking more on a durable microphone then you can go for sure VP 83 the sound quality might not be as good is road but this microphone is going to last years on end!

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