Neewer NW 700 vs Blue Yeti: You Need to Know this!

Wondering what’s the best microphone for you? Well that’s really a considerable thought.

But don’t worry now that you are here, the page is all at your service. 

People consider choosing the best microphone but get confused over various options provided to them. They demand high quality and standards of the product which will provide them with all the benefits. The microphones have to be task specific, i.e. suitable for what you do and your voice.

When the user comes across Neewer Nw 700 and Blue Yeti, they get confused.

In this article you will get to know about the minute details of the product and help you to pick up the best microphone.

Let’s begin!

Neewer NW 700

Neewer NW 700
Neewer NW 700

Neewer Nw 700 microphone will help you make your best music and put your talent with the best face forward.

You can also try using this microphone for live video gaming, podcasting or recording. So ideally, you complete your work in minimum time with this mic.


The audio of Neewer Nw 700 is worth everything. It is clearly audible with an amazing sound quality.

Guess why? Cuz, it has inbuilt cardioid technology. What’s special about it? Any sound which is not wanted in the recording is not recorded. That’s it! So the main audio gets captured on a clear note, while the background noise remains at rejection.


The Neewer Nw 700 has a basic microphone design. The lightweight microphone weighs only 316 grams. 

The microphone has got strong sides. It has got durability in its construction. The 2/3rd body of the microphone is made of simple zinc. And the metal mesh gives it a robust look.

The fit of the connector and the port is firm and reliable. You get a good quality, steady XLR connector inbuilt.

Price point specs:

The price of the Neewer Nw 700 is US $49.99.

Now that seems a decent price for a quality product.


It also has a metal shock mount, a standing army with a scissor design look, a Male to XLR Female cable of 3.5mm and a foam cap. The microphone can be steadily used with the support of the stand arm.

So, you don’t need to worry about falling and breaking. The stand holds it firmly in place. Any vibration which is not supposed to get recorded can be reduced with the help of the metal shock mount.


A 48 volts phantom power completes it. You can connect any suitable device with this microphone and the output is simply stunning.

That was it for Neewer Nw 700 microphone let’s move on to:

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti
Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti, a condenser microphone, is a versatile microphone.


The small hero is mostly used for podcasting, with a desk stand mode. If you’re a YouTuber, broadcaster or singer, grab the fab piece!

The mic simply does not need any tool for the setting. You get a USB connector, and in case you need to connect it directly to the computer, you can use the plug. Right at the bottom of the Blue Yeti, you will see a 3.5mm port. Connect to the monitor headphone, and you are absolutely good to go!


The sound is louder and brighter then nothing like a Blue Yeti mic for recording.

With Omni, Cardioid, Stereo of Polar Patterns and Figure-8, you can pick from any of the patterns.

The volume is totally adjustable. You have an LED indicator too. When you plug the mic in the device, you will see it glowing red.


A pair of pop shields and headphones to complete your Yeti tools.

Which One Do You Prefer?

Of course, Blue Yeti. You must be wondering Why? Isn’t it? Both these products are classy, and you can seal a good deal of quality work with these mics.

The Neewer Nw 700 lacks multiple polar patterns as Blue Yeti. Blue Yeti has an impeccable sound quality.

The Blue Yeti is definitely more eye-catching and elegant.

However, if your expectations seem to best fulfilled by Neewer, it’s entirely your call.


I hope this article helped you clear your doubts and the difference between Neewer Nw 700 and Blue Yeti.

Ray Baker
Ray Baker

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