6 Best Wireless Microphone System for Church

If you are to buy a good wireless microphone for church, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, the microphone should make the father’s voice audible to the rest of the crowd in the church, without distorting the sound. Not only the Father but other Speakers, singers, pastors, and worship leaders should also have their voice out loud and clear.

An earpiece and shrill sound is a clear bad idea. Various factors work together to deliver clear audio that is not painful to the human ears.

We have listed a few wireless microphones here and each of them has a unique touch to it. You may go through their specs to develop an idea about the type of microphone you want to purchase. 

Lets go through the list….Here we go:

Best Wireless Microphone for Church

Shure BLX288/PG58-J10: Best Wireless Microphone System for Church

What is special? 

  1. Unidirectional polar pattern, 
  2. Dual Channel Receiver and,
  3. 300 feet transmission range

Shure BLX288/PG58-J10 microphone is the peak product of today’s list. You might think of distancing yourself with this product by looking at its price, but if you believe us, this solid microphone deserves the money it costs.

It is a handheld microphone is completely wireless (which is a trend these days in churches, reason discussed after the products) and has a unidirectional polar pattern that transfers clear and sharp sounds to the ears of the audience of the worship gathering.

The microphone features a dual-channel receiver that smartly picks up a sound that is clear and undeviating. Plus, it covers a signal range of 300 feet thereby transmitting the best possible audio quality.

It is important to notice battery life in a microphone that is going to be used in a church. This microphone comes with 14 hours of battery life which is enough for use.

Further, there are LED indicators to indicate the power and battery status. In addition to these, you get microphone clips with this handheld wireless mic.

What convinced me the most in selecting this wireless microphone for a church is its high-quality cardioid dynamic microphone capsules.

You will particularly love this mic when you switch from a cheap one. You will instantly notice that it’s much lighter and easier to hold. There’s a lot I want to say on this, but that’s the gist.

After all, who wants to give a long talk while holding a heavy microphone?

Yes, and batteries are included too!

I particularly like mics which don’t have any tangled wires. Well this one rightfully fulfills my wish as it is completely wireless.

The fact that any PA system and the in built frequency finder makes your life a whole lot easier whenever you are in a hurry during church sessions.

This microphone is great for anyone leading worship in church. The only thing I don’t like on this one is that the wireless handheld microphone is made out of plastic. But the build feels solid and does not feel cheap in any way.

If you can ignore the construction, its hands down the best wireless microphone for church that you can get in 2022.

  • Lovely design
  • LED indicators
  • Good distance range
  • Amazing battery life
  • No tangled wires
  • Construction could be sturdy

Sennheiser XSW-2-835-A Wireless Microphone

Sennheiser XSW-2-835-A Wireless Microphone
Sennheiser XSW-2-835-A Wireless Microphone

What is special?

  1. Durable and sweat-resistant handheld mic
  2. Automatic frequency synchronization
  3. True diversity receiver with metal housing and External antennas
  4. Front-panel LCD Display on receiver

If you want one of the best wireless handheld microphones for church, you should not ignore the XSW-2-835-A from the house of Sennheiser.

Sennheiser is one of my favorite audio company and they have been in the microphone industry for over decades. Their products really speak out quality.

This XS Wireless 2 is perfect for small groups, medium gatherings and even larger ensembles during the time of worship.

There are 12 Channels of UHF transmission, so you have got ample space (even on a crowded stage) before you start running out. The microphones are in true means an advancement over the older generation XSW systems which were often commented about the lack of channels for operation.

The handheld design is comfortable to hold and can be use for longer worship sessions without any discomfort.

The battery life is good too, no problems there as well. During my testing, I used to get about 11 uninterrupted hours of use before I had to change the batteries.

The reason to love them more is that the capsule is directly taken from e835 (Sennheiser’s vocal microphone), making it perfect for live vocals of worship songs.

You might not find an audiophile always available in the church. That’s where the mic helps you out. It is easy to use and simple to integrate with other systems, so anyone with a basic knowledge would be able to install them as well.

In spite of being a wireless model, the transmission is just flawless. The build quality is tough and the microphone feels a heavy-duty, the toughness of the build ensures that this system is made to last.

The mic works well both for solos and speaker mic. However, it is a bit bigger than other handheld microphones, so some children may find it a bit uncomfortable.

  • Rack mounting kit included
  • Excellent live sound
  • UHF frequencies with up to 12 simultaneous channels
  • Tough build and Modern design
  • Big for hands of a child

Shure SLX2/SM58: Best Wireless Handheld Microphone for House of Worship

Shure SLX2/SM58 : Best Wireless Microphone for Church
Shure SLX2/SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphone

What is special? 

  1. 300 feet transmission range,
  2. Decent frequency and,
  3. 8 hours battery life

Many a time, we see that churches have run out of mics of their sound system. However, it might not be a good idea to buy an entire set of microphone and receiver if you already have a receiver.

In that case, one might think of purchasing this microphone that does not come with a receiver, but it functions cleverly by matching the frequency of the transmitter and the receiver.

If you are planning to purchase a Separate receiver for this microphone, make sure you match the frequency of the two. A long battery life adds to the spark of this microphone.

You can use the mic for straight away 8 hours continuously. Moreover, the microphone is capable of tolerating minor drops and knocks because it has a sturdy and strong build.

What Falls heavy with this purchase is certainly the price of the microphone, especially when it does not include a receiver in the package.

It covers 300 feet as a wireless microphone ensuring a decent range of transmission.

This microphone is one of the best suitable ones, thanks to the good sound quality and large transmission range. I used it with the slx4 receiver and I had a good time with it.

The best part about purchasing this one is the capsule is removable and replaceable too. So, if the head’s broken for some odd reason, you can can swap it with a different capsule.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable Build
  • 300 feet covering a range
  • No receiver included in the purchase

Sony ECMAW4: Best for Recording and Video Shoots in Church

What is special? 

  1. Interactive Communication,
  2. 150+ covering range and,
  3. Inbuilt camcorder

We have seen various Spiritual classes being held in the churches. These classes run on interactive Communications between the Preacher and the disciples.

Such communication requires a mic with clear audio and two-way interaction. The microphone from Sony is a great option here. It comes with an interactive communication feature that covers more than 150 feet of area.

This is not all, the impeccable audio quality of this microphone must be appreciated by the users; the microphone brilliantly suits the purpose of recording classes in video shoots.

Are you wondering how?

Because the microphone comes with an inbuilt camcorder for recording videos. Sony is a reliable brand that has always been promising as far as the construction of the devices is concerned.

Similarly, the microphone comes with an incredible manufacturing material ready to serve you with that thrilling HD sound quality. Additionally, you get an earphone hanger, an armband, a carrying case along a round cable.

We specially chose this microphone for the list because of its interactive communication feature and inbuilt camcorder. 

  • Offers great communication between users
  • comes with an inbuilt camcorder
  • Solid and reliable construction
  • HD audio quality
  • Slightly complicated to use for beginners

Alvoxcon Wireless Microphone: Best for reliability and Affordability

Alvoxcon Wireless Microphone
Alvoxcon Wireless Microphone

What is special?

  1. Karaoke compatible,
  2. Plug and play device and,
  3. Lightweight and portable

We know with the word affordable, a lot of people start doubting the overall performance of a product. But this should not be the case all the time.

We are lucky to have some reliable yet affordable brands that offer amazing quality at a suitable price. Here we are talking about Alvoxcon microphones which are very reliable in their functionality.

However, we must not hesitate to agree that the range of transmission is only 100 feet which is not a putative measure, but the quality of the sound is killing.

And 100 feet is not even a lesser range when we are talking about indoor usage. The availability of two microphones with one receiver makes it even more convenient for performing double activities at a time.

You do not have to purchase two microphones when there are two performers simultaneously. You get a completely distortion-free sound at a good price along with multiple frequencies.

This is a very beginner-friendly or user-friendly microphone without including Complex settings in its usage. We love this product for its genuine price without compromising much on the crucial features. 

  • Affordable
  • Two microphones with one receiver
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy use
  • Needs careful handling due to weaker build

Hotec Wireless Hand Held Microphone

Hotec Wireless Hand Held Microphone
Hotec Wireless Hand Held Microphone

What is special?

  1. Offers Android and Karaoke compatibility,
  2. High-quality sound and,
  3. Plug and play device

This is a true compatible king that connects to almost any device and works best under all circumstances. Hotec 25 Channel UHF is a great microphone with bubbling features that work so well for multiple purposes at a time.

The first fall has a very clear and loud sound that can be altered by altering the frequencies. You get multiple frequency choices to select in between.

The microphone can filter clear and refined audio. This in turn helps you deliver a good training speech among the crowd, making it perfect for a worship gathering. The sound neither deviates nor does it fade away with distance.

Since it is a plug-and-play device you do not need to do much to connect this microphone to the receiver.

The microphone has earned its name for being used as assembly mics in churches, schools and office meetings.

These are the steps to purchase the best wireless microphone for a church: 


The first thing that you need to do while purchasing a microphone for the church is creating a list of features that counts important for you.

All these features should enhance the quality of the microphone thereby meeting the expectations of the user. You need to be sure with your picturization of an what would you want to expect from your purchase of a wireless mic system for church. 


Next, it is a smart plan to decide an accurate amount of figure that can be invested in the microphone for the church. If you have pre-decided your budget, it is going to help you save a lot of time while making the purchase.

With a fixed budget, you are going to view a certain range of products that fit into that particular budget.

This way, you have ample time to make your decisions, and you are not confused between products.

However, it is certainly not a good idea to compromise on some good features of a microphone.

Try to save a few pennies won’t do you much good until it makes a big difference on the budget. 

Analyze the Features:

Thirdly, you need to do exactly what you are doing here if you are reading this article. You should check various handheld wireless microphones on online platforms for churches.

You can view a certain range of microphones that fit your budget and go through their specs, features, and functions.

See how many of these products meet your requirement and filter the products accordingly. 

  1. Read the product info carefully before making a final purchase of the microphone, so that you do not play a hit or miss game. 
  2. Finally, you can bag your favorite microphone that has convinced you with its features and functions

What type of Microphones are generally used for Churches?

Microphones once used to be expensive, especially wireless systems. With time and the betterment of technology, you no longer need to spend a ton to get great wireless mic systems.

Headset Microphones

Nowadays, a lot of churches have started using headset microphones. Headset mics are loved as contrary to handheld mics, you do not need to hold this microphone in your hands for a long time.

You can make the best use of these wireless mics during the classes held for hours in the churches.

These headset mics can be easily fit as headphones around the head of the speaker. Thus, they are easy to carry, thanks to the lightweight and comfort to use. 

Handheld Mics

However, we cannot deny that not all churches include spiritual classes in their routine and mostly their daily routine includes simple prayers among the devotees. Here we see handheld microphones being a comfortable choice.

Firstly, because prayers do not take too long to complete and also because handheld microphones have been long used by people that allow a comfortable and familiar usage of the same. 

Monitor these factors to buy a good microphone: 


You need to keep an eye on the frequency range that the microphone covers. The frequency of the transmitter and the receiver should be compatible and able to function efficiently.


The transmission range of the microphone becomes another important concern. It is important to pick up a microphone that can cover a good area.

For example, it is best if a microphone can cover an area up to 300 feet, but generally, it is not possible to find such a microphone at an affordable budget.

In that case, you can personalize your requirement and the minimum area that you need to be covered, and then you can buy your favorite wireless mic. 


A microphone that is inferior in quality tends to pick up “husssssss” sounds from the background.

Ideally speaking, we do not want our microphone to pick up any unnecessary background noise. Hence invest in the quality of the sound transmitted by the microphone.

What to pick, a condenser mic or a dynamic mic?

If you want to get rid of any sort of ambient noise, you should right away go for a condenser microphone.

On the other hand, if you are not willing to spend a lot and can do away with a bit of precision, you can go for a dynamic microphone system. Also, they are more durable compared to condenser mics in the long run.

What are the different kinds of patterns in microphone and what should matter for me?

Polar Patterns:

These patterns decide the direction and the amount of sound your mic receive. If you are not necessarily using it for singing, karaoke or any other focused vocal tasks, you don’t have to think about polar patterns too.

It really does not matter if the primary use of the wireless mic (or any mic for that matter) is speaking purposes.

These are further divided depending upon the microphone. Refer to the image below for a better idea.

Polar Patterns
Polar Patterns

Unidirectional Pattern:

These are also known by the name of Cardioid pattern. These more or less focus on the block sounds that come from the rear and sides of the microphone.

If your mic uses these pattern, the mic can only pick sound from the front or above of the handheld microphone.

Check the unidirectional microphone polar response in the image below

unidirectional microphone polar response
unidirectional microphone polar response

Bidirectional Pattern (Figure 8):

If you have a group project or if you have a group of people sharing one handheld mic, then bidirectional pattern is something that you should have in your microphone.

Most of the unwanted noises are blocked and rejected by this pattern does and it captures the sound from most of mic’s surrounding

Bidirectional pattern
Bidirectional pattern

Omnidirectional Pattern:

The word “Omni” means all. Thus such omnidirectional mics, can record from all directions around the mic. This also means will pick up a lot of unnecessary sounds too.

But, these additional sounds don’t necessarily degrade the sound quality a ton, it only makes the sound a little less crisp, only when there’s a lot happening near the microphone.

Omnidirectional Pattern
Omnidirectional Pattern

What is VHF & UHF? What Should I pick?

For people completely unaware of both the terms, they stand for “very high frequency” and “ultra high frequency”. They seem more or less similar in their pronunciation, however when buying a mic, there’s a lot of difference.

If you are about to operate on a medium to big sized church, UHF just might be the right pick for you. It is simple to use and that’s one of the reasons why its widely used. It is also generally more expensive in comparison to VHF.

If you are to operate on a large scale where there are lot of audio systems with multiple devices and channels to interfere, UHF should be your go to pick.

However, if your set up is simpler, in a small sized church with not a lot of devices or multiple channels, you can pick VHF too.

Since there are not a lot of frequencies to interfere, its not worth it to pick UHF as it will simply cost you more without having any added benefits.

What Else?

This post mainly covers the handheld mics. If you want a lavalier microphone for church, you can checkout my guide of the best lavalier microphones. Don’t forget to visit our site for more articles on microphones.

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