5 Best Boundary Microphones

If you are someone who has to attend a lot of video conferences and training rooms or give on-stage presentations then a boundary microphone for you will be really beneficial.

So, firstly you need to have a clear idea about what exactly is a boundary microphone, before we directly jump into giving you some of the best options that you can purchase.

When using a boundary microphone you would definitely have no intrusions. These microphones are free from stands and the mounting points are just a couple of feet away from the source.

Now,here in this article we have provided you with some of the best boundary microphones that you can get for yourself.

Best Boundary Microphones

Audio-Technica PRO 44: Overall Best Boundary Microphone

Audio-Technica PRO 44 Boundary Microphone
Audio-Technica PRO 44

Audio technica always comes with innovation in its products, that’s the sole reason for the popularity of the brand.You will get the same in this Audio-Technica PRO 44 cardioid condenser boundary microphone.

Audio-Technica PRO 44 is perfect for professionals,as it provides you with great sound quality.It has a low profile for minimum visibility, resulting in much better sound optimization.

This microphone does have some self-contained electronics that eliminate the need for external power modules.It also has the cardioid polar pattern and wide-range condenser element with a low-mass diaphragm for outstanding performance.

This microphone has a well grounded construction and a rough design. The quality of the sound produced by the microphone is commendable due to it’s small diaphragm,ideal for a person who has to attend meetings and conferences.

Audio-Technica PRO 44 has the best signal-to-noise ratio of 66 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa. It has a frequency response of 70Hz to 16kHz and a maximum sound pressure level of 114dB.

The microphone is famous for its long lifetime and it also has a diversified design.

If you want a long lived microphone then Audio-Technica PRO 44 is the absolute choice you can pick for the microphone’s excellent brand value and build quality.


  • Product of a popular brand.
  • Admirable sound capture.
  • Study design.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Mixer is needed to gain control.
  • Frequency response is not up to the mark.

MXL AC404 USB Condenser Boundary Microphone

MXL AC404 USB Condenser Boundary Microphone

MXL is a well-liked brand for providing the best features in mic within a reasonable price range. A lot of endeavor is put into the design of the mic to make it look exceptional.

It is one of the best microphones on our list at such an affordable price. It deals with many premium quality microphones as it has so many attributes and technical specs.

In terms of design this microphone has a decent look. Its appearance is like any other typical microphone, nothing extraordinary. The build quality is nice and sturdy.

MXL AC404 has three capsules precisely designed to capture sound in a 180-degree arc with a high voice recognition system. It is the USB condenser microphone for speeches, conference rooms, business meetings, etc.The mic picks up the sound evenly so that you will get the crystal clear sound.

It has the best self-gain optimization feature,and the mic can capture sound from a 25-feet radial area with good control ideas for courts, churches, etc.

The MXL AC404 microphone does have the frequency response of 40Hz to 16kHz with 44.1kHz – 48kHz of sampling rate and AD converter of 16-bit Delta-Sigma with THD+N – 0.01%.

The microphone is adaptable and works with both Mac and Windows. The microphone is really easy to connect and operate as it has USB connectivity.

MXL AC404 is the perfect microphone pick  for you,if you’re searching for a microphone in the bearable price range. It has great sound clarity and can reach out to a larger audience.


  • Standard and smooth sound.
  • 25-feet radical control area.
  • Great at noise cancellation.
  • Handy to operate and USB connectivity.
  • Perfect for a larger number of audience.


  • It takes time to position it uprightly on the desired surface.
  • It doesn’t have a mute button.

Shure MX391/0 XLR: Best boundary microphone conference room

Shure MX391/0 XLR
Shure MX391/0 XLR

Being one of the most admired and trusted brands in the music and microphone industry,Shure will never let you down,in the sound quality of its products.

Shure MX391/0 comes with XLR connectivity. It is a condenser boundary microphone with the Omni directional pattern. The main attraction of this microphone is the flat frequency and responsive mic nature.

The sound quality of this microphone is great, even for the vocals as well. It has a distinctive design and a mouse-like structure,which is admired by most people. It seems to have a balanced output for increased immunity noise over long cable runs. You cannot doubt it’s built quality.

The microphone stands out from its other competitors by providing you with a distinct appearance. No other microphone can match the glossy and modest look of it.

So,if you want a boundary microphone with quirky design and excellent features then you can very well go with this Shure MX391/0.


  • Stabilized and alterless output.
  • Branded product
  • Distinctive features
  • Pleasing design and long lasting built quality.


Couldn’t find any.

Audix ADX60 Dynamic Boundary Microphone

Audix ADX60 Dynamic Boundary Mic
Audix ADX60 Dynamic Boundary Mic

If you ask for the best boundary microphone, the first name that you would be suggested to buy is Audix ADX60 Dynamic. It’s one of the top-picked microphones in the market. It is basically made for professionals providing them with a premium quality.

The grill of the microphone is made of steel mesh so it is reliable for rough usage as well. It has a fetching design and long lasting build quality.

It provides you with high sensitivity and amplifying sound so that your voice and instrumentals will be audible from a considerable distance too.

The durability of the microphone is great and it is very easy to position it even while moving. It requires a 9-52V phantom power supply,and it comes with a 25′ cable and phantom power supply.

Audix ADX60 has XLR connectivity and cardioid polar pattern. It responds to a frequency of 50Hz to 18kHz which is sufficient for meetings, conferences,on stage speeches,etc.

If you are a professional who has to attend meetings,conferences and give speeches in theatre and party halls on a regular basis, then you must go with this Audix ADX60 Dynamic microphone. It is the finest choice for you.


  • High responsiveness and forbearance.
  • Give an appealing look.
  • Long-lasting and dependable build quality.
  • Covers a large range.


  • Reduction of noise can be more.

Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone

Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone
Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone

The brand name might be new for you, but they have made one of the best boundary microphones for professional meetings. I would have ranked this microphone on top,if it would have been from some well-known or trusted brand. Maybe I will, after a little more research.

If we only take features into consideration,then I guess Crown PZM30D is one of the most eccentric boundary microphones in the list. This microphone falls in the category of premium microphone.

It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and a maximum SPL of 150dB. That’s damn admirable for any microphone. This microphone captures any kind of voice, be it vocals to instrumentals.

Crown PZM30D microphone has XLR connectivity.

This microphone does have a hemispherical polar pattern which you won’t be getting in any other microphones. The sound quality of the microphone is amazing with a spectacular range. It captures the sound in such a remarkable way that any unwanted sound is not heard.

This microphone provides you with all the decent features. It is recommended by some of the top music artists.You are getting two selectable frequency responses which is the main attention of the microphone. This feature isn’t present in any mic at all.

If you are not on a budget and can go with the premium category’s price,then Crown PZM30D is the perfect premium boundary microphone that you can snap up.


  •  Exclusive sound quality.
  • Two Frequency responses.
  •  Hemispherical Polar pattern.
  • Classy design.


  • Not a product of a popular brand.


Now, as you must have gone through the list of the top best boundary microphones, then you have gained a lot of information that you must know before getting your hands on any of them.

It’s really going to help you a lot while you make your purchase. That’s pretty much all I have to say. I hope that you find my efforts beneficial.

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