AKG P420 vs AKG P220 Mic Comparison: Which One is Best?

So, you want to know the difference between AKG P420 Vs. AKG P220.

I’m sure your confusion and doubts will be cleared once you’re through this page.

Here in this think piece, various features in both the microphones have been researched to give you a better idea about both the microphones.

Among all the successful inventions by AKG, the most famous models are AKG P220 and AKG P420. The users love to try out both these mics and understand the difference between the two. Both these models are well known and can’t be compared to each other.

For now, let’s just look at their differences.

AKG P420 Microphone

AKG P420 Microphone
AKG P420 Microphone

The dual capsule condenser is a big boon for recording audios. This microphone produces a pristine sound owing to its high dynamic range. This mic is superb for recording any audio which has high audio input having high pressure and has a higher frequency.

The user mostly expects a good condenser microphone to give the best audio quality and this mic never fails your hope. It can be used with musical instruments like strings, pianos, drums, and many other such recordings.


This microphone is lightweight and can be carried in the user’s hand, it also comes with the best grip.

An SPL of 155 dB can also be handled by a switchable attenuation pad. The microphone has a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz and has a very good bass roll off at 300Hz. The mic also supports Omni, Cardioid and figure-8; the 3 patterns of this mic.

The mic which comes along with an attenuation switch pad offers a -20db for any sound resource. The mic is simply versatile.

  • The mic has a natural sound.
  • It has 3 selected Polar Patterns.
  • It has a 300 He LowCut Filter.
  • It has a -20 dB Switchable Attenuation Pad which is suited for high SPL 155db.
  • The mic has a Dual-core Diaphragm Condenser Mic for best audio quality.
  • The omnidirectional and bi-directional polar pattern of the mic has a quieter sensitivity.
  • The mic is not ideal for professional applications as the noise level is not suited.

AKG P220 Microphone

AKG P220 Microphone
AKG P220 Microphone

The AKG P220 is a well known choice among studio users. An old competitor and survivor in the market, the model of AKG comes at a great affordable price. The mic offers many versatile features and the vocal recordings are recorded very crisply.

The mic is highly sensitive and has a wide frequency response. The audio quality is very clear and precise. This mic can record the vocals of many instruments, other than guitar of course.


Any user would love the build of this microphone, as it comes with a rugged and strong design. You can carry it easily for any live show or for delivering a speech as it is very light. The microphone is durable as the quality is good and matches various conditions.

It is an all-metal die-cast chassis with a tough body and weighs up to 1.25 pounds. The strong body protects the condenser from getting damaged. It looks beautiful as it has a black matte finish. Any external sound is not recorded either from the back or front and only your voice is recorded.

The frequency response of the mic is between 20Hz to 20kHz and can also be used for recording audios in a studio. The P220 has cardioid polar pattern and can pick up any sound as it has a pressure level up to 155db.

  • The condenser mic has a built-in bass cut filter.
  • It has a carrying case and a spider shock mount which is easy to lift and use.
  • It is very good for performing Amy shows and for recording audios.
  • The products come at a price which can be bought easily.
  • It also has a bass cut filter which can be switched in between.
  • The mic is very sensitive to use so be very careful while handling it.
  • It is not very good at the high end.

AKG P420 vs. AKG P220 Microphone

Now as you can see that the details of both the microphones have been shared so now let’s go through the difference between the two. The AKG P220 and AKG P420 not only have the same weight which is 530g, they almost have the same design. Both the mics are 54mm in diameter and 165mm long.

The AKG P220 consists of two switches on the front and can be used for activating the pre-attenuation pad so that the input gain could be lowered up to 20dB. The SPL handling of the mic is increased in this way.

Alternatively, the AKG P420 has the switches on the back side. The polar pattern seeing switch is found in the front. The mic has the option of three selected polar patterns like figure eight, cardioid and omnidirectional and it has a one inch dual diaphragm design.

The mics have the same frequency response which is between 20Hz-20kHz. The price of AKG P420 is not budget friendly and low unlike AKG P220. Both the mics are capable of capturing any high, middle, or low sound in all recordings.

The self noise level of AKG P 420 is lower and perhaps better than AKG P220. Therefore, the audio by AKG P420 is clear and subtle. But as you can see you can’t compare both the mics as both are good in their place.

What would I pick?

All the features of AKG P220 and AKG P420 have been clearly discussed in this article. The differences and similarities can also be clearly seen and understood. The output quality of both the mics are nearly the same but as you read in the article there might be some cases where they may differ from each other in sound or design.

You could always try out both the mics but using AKG P420 would be a better option as it contains many features which are good in comparison to AKG P220.

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