What Mic Does TimTheTatman Use? [+Other Setup]

When TimTheTatman started his streaming career, he would upload and stream regularly. He would play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and World Of Craft.

But with time when his fan base began to grow, he became a full-time Twitch Streamer on March 27th, 2014.

His popularity started rising when he started playing Fortnite. After this TimTheTatman became one of the most popular streamers.

What Mic Does TimTheTatman Use?

TimTheTatman uses the Audio-Technica BP40 which has a very good sound quality and the best design making it one of the best professional mics available.

What you get is a very rich and natural tone, from the large condenser diaphragm. You get a patented floating edge Mechanism which further II increases the surface area of the diaphragm thereby enhancing the overall performance of the microphone

Electromagnetic interference is founded by humbucking voice coil. So no distortion.

And it’s never a surprise if you fall in love with its rugged and dynamic construction.

All in all it’s a good deal for a microphone that captures clear audio, free of noise.

What Gaming PC Does TimTheTatman Use?

TimTheTatman’s PC has these components:

  • CPU: Intel i9-10900K Processor
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
  • MOBO: MSI MEG Z390
  • RAM: 32GB of T-Force Xcalibur DDR4
  • CASE: NZXT H700

For streaming games at high frame rate, he uses his high end RTX 3090 gaming desktop.

What Headset Does TimTheTatman Use?

He uses the Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT which has a very good sound quality and also goes with the 45MM aperture drivers.

What Monitor Does TimTheTatman Use?

He uses the LG 27GL850 1440P 144Hz monitor as this monitor is a very good choice for gamers.

What Mouse Does TimTheTatman Use?

He uses the Razer DeathAdder V2 which has a comfortable ergonomic design and has a phenomenal optical sensor.

What Keyboard Does TimTheTatman Use?

He uses the Razer Huntsman Elite which has an ergonomic design like the mouse.

What Webcam Does TimTheTatman Use?

He uses a Panasonic Lumix G7 DSLR. He uses an HDML adapter-converter by which he can connect his camera directly with his PC.

What Chair Does TimTheTatman Use?

He uses a Herman Miller Aeron Chair to sit on as it is very flexible and convenient especially for streamers.

What Is TimTheTatman’s Real Name?

The actual name of TimTheTatman is Timothy John Betar.

How Old Is TimTheTatman?

TimTheTatman was born on April 8th, 1990 and he is currently 31 years old.

What Is TimTheTatman’s Net Worth?

According to Money Inc, his net worth is said to be $6.5 million.

His income is said to come from 2 places: Twitch and the sponsorship he gets from his Twitch streaming.

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