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Ray Baker

I am a passionate mic reviewer. Love to work on Weekends and Rest on Weekdays. In my free time I love playing with my dog, Loki.

9 Best Cheap Microphone For Youtube

Best Cheap Microphones For YouTube

We come across several YouTube videos that are shot on smartphones while many of them are shot using DSLR cameras. Cameras and Smartphones come with inbuilt microphones for recording the audio, but we cannot certainly guarantee the quality of the…

How to Enable Microphone on Chrome?

How to enable microphone on chrome

There’s a lot of buzz currently going on with all the online video meetings and zoom session. But mic is one such thing we often struggle to enable on a security concerned browser like chrome. Today, let’s fix this problem…

5 Best Boundary Microphones

Best Boundary Microphones

If you are someone who has to attend a lot of video conferences and training rooms or give on-stage presentations then a boundary microphone for you will be really beneficial. So, firstly you need to have a clear idea about…

Best Microphone Settings for Windows 10

Best Microphone Settings for Windows 10

Looking for the best Microphone Settings for Windows 10 to enhance your mic’s performance. Well, this article is all that you need. If you have one or multiple microphones connected to your device, you would want to learn a certain…

How to Enable Microphone in windows 10?

Enable Microphone in windows 10

Finding issues in configuring your microphone settings on Windows 10? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. A lot of people face this problem. You just need to perform some simple steps using the Control Panel. After the 2018 update…

Best Microphones for Speech Recognition

Best Microphones for Speech Recognition

A number of people are struggling in order to find a satisfactory voice recognition microphone that saves their energy and time. Who wants to keep repeating the same sentences again and again? People wonder why their microphones are not able…

Best Microphones for Discord

Best Microphones for Discord

Looking for the Best mic for Discord? Check the ones below before you buy one. Discord is a great communicating app that requires a compatible microphone and USB connectivity if you are willing to use it on a PC or…

Best Headset Microphones for Streaming

best headset microphones for streaming

The best headset mic for streaming comes with the best sound qualities. What these Headsets concentrate on are the audio quality and frequency response speaker. Yes, microphones are important too, but to be precise and frank, everything depends on the…