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Ray Baker

I am a passionate mic reviewer. Love to work on Weekends and Rest on Weekdays. In my free time I love playing with my dog, Loki.

What Mic Does TimTheTatman Use? [+Other Setup]

What Mic Does TimTheTatman Use? [+ Other Setup]

When TimTheTatman started his streaming career, he would upload and stream regularly. He would play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and World Of Craft. But with time when his fan base began to grow, he became a full-time Twitch Streamer on March…

What Microphone do Streamers Use?

What Microphone do Streamers Use

Stream quality is a critical aspect of live streaming success, as every streamer understands. On the other hand, stream quality is about more than simply a high-resolution image and sophisticated overlays. Audio also plays a significant part in professional streaming.…

What Microphone Does Billie Eilish Use?

What microphone does Billie Eilish use?

Ever heard of a song called ‘Isn’t it lovely, all alone?’ It’s a song written and sung by Billie Ellish. In this article, you will know what microphone does Billie Eilish uses to record her beautiful voice without any problem.…

What Microphone does Wilbur Soot Use?

What microphone does Wilbur Soot use?: Rode NT2-A Condenser

If you’re reading this article, then you must have known or at least heard the name “Wilbur Soot,” and let’s discover what’s the best microphone that he considers and WHAT MICROPHONE DOES WILBUR SOOT USE?. What microphone does Wilbur Soot…

What Microphone do YouTubers Use?

What Microphone do YouTubers Use

Creating YouTube videos is a complex undertaking since it needs a 3K-4K video quality and a sound system that is capable of producing an engaging but professional film. People of today’s age are lucky enough to have the option of…